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HOLDERS.  This chapter provides guidance for inspecting the repair station’s compliance with 14 CFR section 145.205.   The repair station may perform maintenance, preventive maintenance or alterations for air carriers conducting operations under 14 CFR parts 121,125,129 and 135. In these cases the Repair Station Manual/Quality Control Manual must describe the procedures to verify that maintenance is performed in accordance with the air carrier’s accepted program and maintenance manual.

 G.  CHAPTER 132.  PERFORMANCE, EVALUATION, INSPECTION, AND ASSESSMENT OF A PART 121 AIR CARRIER’S OUTSOURCE MAINTENANCE SYSTEM.  This chapter provides guidance in the performance, evaluation,  inspection and assessment of the air carrier’s outsourced maintenance program/system. The air carrier has the ultimate responsibly over and must validate that it’s outsource maintenance providers (OMP) are servicing and maintaining its aircraft, airframes, engines, propellers, appliances, emergency equipment, and parts in accordance with the policies and procedures in the air carrier’s manual.  It also provides guidance in the required use of the EPI in the evaluation/validation of the effectiveness of all part 121 air carriers outsourcing processes/systems

 H.  CHAPTER 133.  EVALUATE/INSPECT A PART 125, 129, AND 135 AIR OPERATOR’S OUTSOURCE MAINTENANCE PROVIDERS FACILITY. This chapter provides the guidance and instruction for an evaluation and inspection of a part 125, 129, and 135 air operators OMP facility

 I.  CHAPTER 134.  CONDUCT A DETAILED AIR CARRIER IN-PROCESS/TASK INSPECTION/TEAM EVENT.  This chapter is to provide guidance and a sample surveillance plan to the Regional Flight Standards Divisions and to the part 121 air carrier teams that will be responsible for conducting a detailed in-process / task inspection.  This inspection is part of the comprehensive repair station oversight system and is driven by the National Program Guidelines (NPG).  Participation of team members will be by regional invitation.  This inspection is dynamic in nature.

NOTE:  At the release of this bulletin, vol. 2, ch. 158 has been temporary held back.  The QUR form, which is an integral part of the QUR report, is awaiting Office of Management and Budgets (OMB) approval.  Any reference to chapter 158 or the QUR report in any other 8300.10 chapters should be considered pending.

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