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with are current, it is recommended that “copies” be obtained from the FSIMS Web site at:  http://fsims.avr.faa.gov/fsims.nsf/prefs?OpenForm.  You will be able to download Word versions of the SAIs and EPIs with or without job task items.  The elements are constantly being improved.  During the time that the evaluation your certificate management team (CMT) is working, revisions may be taking place.  For that reason it is recommended that a copy be downloaded from the Web site as soon as possible to the time of the evaluation/assessment and that copies be archived so that they become the desired version of the element for the duration of the evaluation.


Using the ATOS element 1.3.7 EPI, ASIs will conduct performance assessments to validate that an air carrier’s outsource maintenance program/system continues to meet regulatory standards and produce intended results.  The regulatory standards guidance can be found as identified in Order 8300.10, vol. 2, ch. 69, and below:

NOTE:  The air carrier’s airworthiness responsibility does not stop at the original OMP; it continues with the subcontractors of the original OMP.  The air carrier must address these second- and third-level OMP issues and how the air carrier’s CAMP requirements are accomplished at all levels of OMP.


It is sufficiently comprehensive in scope and detail to fulfill its responsibility to maintain the aircraft in an airworthy condition in accordance with the applicable regulations and standards prescribed and approved by the Administrator.  


Written Contract, Verbal Contract, Work Order, Repair Order, Service Request.  These processes should be considered part of a certificate holder’s program covering other maintenance, preventive maintenance or alterations required by § 121.367 that ensures the work is performed in accordance with their manual.


Maintaining a current of list of persons with whom the certificate holder has arranged for the performance of any of its required inspections, other maintenance, preventive maintenance, or alterations, including a general description of that work. (Ref. § 121.369.)


Determining that each person with whom it arranges for the performance any of its maintenance or

required inspections has an organization adequate to perform the work (Ref. § 121.365.)


Ensuring the certificate holder’s inspection program and their program covering other maintenance preventive maintenance or alterations is followed by outsource maintenance providers in performing maintenance, preventive maintenance, and alterations of that certificate holder’s airplanes, including airframes, aircraft engines, propellers, appliances, emergency equipment, and parts thereof. (Ref. §§ 121.367, 121.369.)


Ensuring that an outsource maintenance provider has competent personnel, adequate equipment, and facilities for the proper performance of the work that the certificate holder has arranged for them to perform (reference § 121.367).  Ensuring that no person is used to perform a required inspection item (RII) unless he or she holds the appropriate certificate, is properly trained, qualified, and authorized by the certificate holder to perform that work. (Ref. § 121.371(a).)


Ensure all maintenance items designated RII have been inspected by a person authorized by the certificate holder and that that person determined that the work was performed satisfactorily before the aircraft was returned to service. (Ref. §§ 121.369(b)(2) and (6), 121.709(b)(2)(i).)


Ensuring the methods of performing the required inspections were followed when the certificate holder made arrangements with another person to perform a required inspection. (Ref. §§ 121.367, 121.369(b)(3).)


Ensuring the certificate holder’s procedures were followed for the re-inspection of work performed pursuant to previous required inspection findings, when the certificate holder made arrangements with another person to perform a required inspection. (Ref. §§ 121.367, 121.369(b)(4).)


Ensuring the certificate holder’s procedures, standards, and limits necessary for the acceptance or rejection of items required inspected are followed and met when the certificate holder made arrangements with another person to perform a required inspection. (Ref. §§ 121.367, 121.369(b)(5).)


Each person uses the tools, equipment, and test apparatus necessary to assure completion of the work in

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