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C.Non-ATOS:  Inspectors accomplishing the EPI will record information that they deem to be essential under activity code 3640 or 5640 in the PTRS in accordance with standard PTRS practices.  Enter the “Affiliated Designator” data field, where appropriate when completing PTRS transmittals, or list the name of the maintenance provider in the “National Use” block for un-certificated facilities.

(1)If the evaluation/inspection was accomplished on a non-substantial maintenance provider, use activity codes 3624 (maintenance) and 5624 (avionics) to track inspection observations at an outsource maintenance provider that does not perform substantial maintenance for the operator.

(2)Records of inspections should provide clear, objective, factual statements of what was observed and which area in the 1.3.7 SAI was evaluated.  Inspectors will record information that supports conclusions (positive or negative) about the system in the PTRS “Comments” section.  Comments associated with “No” answers to DCT questions will include the question number at the beginning of the comment narrative.  The recording requirements for surveillance activities in PTRS for OpSpec D091 outsource maintenance provider/facilities have been revised.  Additional PTRS activities have been added to describe the initial evaluation of an OpSpec D091 outsource maintenance facility, an on-site inspection of that facility, an evaluation of the contractual agreement between the air carrier and the maintenance facility, and a method to record a review of any revisions to that agreement codes 3338 and 5378.

D.ATOS CMTs.  Inspectors will record EPI information in accordance with 8400.10, appendix 6, and the ATOS Automation Users Guide.

NOTE:  Canadian AMOs are not part 145 certificated repair stations.

E.AMOs do not have PTRS designators.  When entering the results of the inspection into the PTRS database, place the AMO name and operating number as it appears on the TC operating certificate.

F.FAA Form 8000-36, Program Tracking and Reporting Subsystem (PTRS) Data Sheet, blocks titled “Non-Cert Activity Name/Company.”  

G.ASIs will use the “Affiliated Designator” field, as appropriate, when completing PTRS transmittals, or list the name of the maintenance provider in the “Non-Cert Activity Name/Company” block if a PTRS designator does not exist.

9.FUTURE ACTIVITIES.  Continuous Monitoring.  The process of risk management is continuous.  The certificate holder must continuously update its programs and allocate its resources and activities to meet changes in its operating environment.  Inspectors must emphasize this continuing responsibility to air carrier management personnel.

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