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(c) That assemblies are inspected for conformity before closure.

(d) That all required inspections and tests have been satisfactorily accomplished prior to final acceptance of the completed products/parts.

(e) That personnel performing RII inspections for an air carrier are identified and authorized by the carrier.

(f) That inspection personnel are not exceeding their area of authority.

(3) Data, to verify the following:

(a) That personnel are provided with current technical data and changes.

(b) That inapplicable, inappropriate, illegible, or obsolete data is removed from areas of potential use.

(c) That nondestructive inspection (NDI) processes are reviewed for conformance with FAA-approved data.

(d) That process specification changes are submitted to the FAA for evaluation and approval.

(e) That tags, forms, and other documents used are controlled.

(4) Major repairs and alterations, to verify the following:

(a) That if the task involved a major repair or major alteration, that FAA-approved data was used to accomplish the task.

(b) That SFAR 36 data used for major repairs has been approved by authorized individuals referenced in the operator’s SFAR 36 procedures manual.

(c) That the scope of the SFAR 36 authority has not been exceeded.

(d) That the Designated Engineering Representative (DER)-approved data has been documented on FAA Form 8110-3.

(e) That the DER is authorized by the cognizant Aircraft Certification Office (ACO) to

approve the data.

(5) Materials/parts, to verify the following:

(a) That the materials, test records, and standards used in NDI are identified and controlled.

(b) That when required, special identification and controls for materials or parts are identified and are in place prior to the materials/parts being used.

(c) That when required, special handling and storage requirements for materials and parts are identified and being used.

(d) That there is traceability of material or parts received from distributors and that the records of receiving inspection data are retained and list the name, part number, quantity, and inspection results.

(6) Tools and test equipment, to verify the following:

(a) That when required, special tools and test equipment are identified and used for an operation or process.

(b) That calibration records are maintained for all tools and test equipment requiring calibration.

(c) That the facility’s personnel are trained appropriately for their assignments.


A.  Complete PTRS.

B.  Complete the Task.  Successful completion of this task may result in the following:

Satisfactory inspection

Requirement for a follow-up inspection for a particular discrepancy

C.  Document Task.  File all supporting paperwork in the operator’s office file.

9.  FUTURE ACTIVITIES.  Normal surveillance.

Vol. 38-3

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