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Verify that the RSM/QCM is accessible for use by all repair station personnel, on all work shifts. If the manual system is maintained electronically, sufficient viewing terminals must be available and each copy on individual computers must be current.

NOTE:  When the repair station manual is located in the work area and it is in the national language, the FAA team must be provided with a supervisor or other person who can read the national language version to the team so it can confirm that this version has the same information as the English language version.  This same process would apply when the FAA requests review of maintenance records, technical documents, and other material that is part of the certification.  (The use of the national language is an option provided to repair stations located outside the United States.  If a repair station elects to use the national language, it must provide a method for the FAA to confirm the material is accurate.)

NOTE:  Verify the foreign repair station has provided the FAA with an English language version of their RSM/QCM.


In case of electronic manual(s), the following concerns should be reviewed during the inspection:


Security and Access - Can only authorized personnel make any changes to the manual? Is access protected by passwords? Have the employees been trained to access the manual on the network? Do all of the supervisors and inspectors have access to the manual?


Revisions - Does the user know that the manual has been revised and what content was changed? Do personnel verify the currency of individual disks before use?

NOTE: Transmittal documents include cover letters, memos, e-mails, faxes, and any other media acceptable to the CHDO/International Field Office (IFO).


Training Manual.

NOTE: Repair stations vary drastically in size; therefore an inspector can expect differences in repair station training programs.  The training program must be appropriate to its organization and the work it performs.  The training program itself may be documented in the RSM/QCM or it may be a separate document.  An advantage to having the training program in a separate document is that it provides separation for the training program approval requirement from the non-approved RSM/QCM.  


If the training manual is a separate document, verify it is approved and current.


If the training program is incorporated in the RSM, verify that the section of the manual is an approved document and that it is current.


For additional guidance, refer to Volume 3, Chapter 92, Inspect Repair Station Training Program.

D.Air Carrier / Operators Manuals.

NOTE:  Some repair stations perform maintenance, preventive maintenance, or alterations for air carriers and air operators conducting operations under 14 CFR parts 121, 125, 129, and 135.  When this is the case, maintenance must be performed in accordance with the air carrier’s Continuous Airworthiness Maintenance Program (CAMP) and or the maintenance manual.


Verify that the repair station has been provided with the information necessary to ensure compliance with this requirement. This information must be defined on contractual documents from the air carrier, by clearly stating the source of the data (manufacturer’s or air carrier’s manual) used to perform the requested maintenance along with any other requirements of its program or maintenance manual.  If the repair station has applicable sections of air carriers’ maintenance program(s) or manual(s), verify that they are controlled and current copies.

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