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5. Supresión de la Energía Libre

Algunas revelaciones de Benjamín Fulford sobre la élite

Resumen: Ha habido una escisión en la élite y ahora mismo se está librando una dura batalla interna entre dos facciones, una que quiere que todo siga igual y otra que quiere que se arregle. Extractos de su blog: http://benjaminfulford.typepad.com/benjaminfulford/

6-feb-09: Por lo que puedo saber, el Comité de los 300 está dividido en dos grandes facciones. One supports announcing the creation of a new financial system and the closing of all offshore banking centers. This faction also supports a 3-year Marshall plan for ending poverty and stopping environmental destruction. The other faction is still hoping to preserve their ancient powers by starting World War 3.

23-feb-09: Sobre el comité de los 300

A member of the committee of 300 has provided additional information about it. They can trace their history in Europe back to the Medici family in Venice 800 years ago although the real roots almost certainly trace back to ancient Babylon. They made their first fortune as intermediaries in trade between Europe and the Orient (...)

They learned to control society with powder (pólvora), gold (oro) and the pen (bolígrafo). That is to say by a combination of murder (gun powder), bribery and propaganda (asesinato, soborno y propaganda).

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