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d) Would the ammeter reading be higher, lower or remain at 337.3 mA? Briefly explain in terms of electric circuit ideas.

This is a PARALLEL circuit. In a parallel circuit each loop is an independent circuit and the current flowing through each loop is determined only by the bulb(s) in it. The battery will supply whatever total amount of current is needed. In the circuit above the ammeter is measuring the total current flowing out of the battery, before it splits and goes into the separate loops.

Removing the left bulb means that loop is now open and no current will flow through it. However, this has no affect whatsoever on the current flowing through the other two loops. Since the battery only now needs to supply current to two loops instead of three, the total current it has to supply will decrease. Therefore the reading on the ammeter will DECREASE.

e) After the left bulb is removed, would the bulb on the far right get brighter, get dimmer or remain just as it is now? Briefly explain in terms of electric circuit ideas.

As stated above, in a parallel circuit all of the loops are independent of each other. Therefore, removing the left bulb will not affect the current flowing through the other loops and the bulb on the right will REMAIN JUST AS BRIGHT IT IS.

1. Why are mass and volume not considered characteristic physical properties, but density (which is calculated from mass and volume) is?

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