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AEX 192.1.20 rent will follow the ground wire — not the operator. Usually a three-prong plug in a three-hole outlet provides a

proper ground. Never cut off the third ground prong.

If you have an old system with only two-prong plugs, it is not properly grounded. In that case, you must use an acceptable double-insulated electric power tool. Never use a spare piece of wire attached to a pipe or outlet housing as the ground. If a power tool develops a short, repair it before using it again.

Check that portable electric hand tools are properly grounded

Inspect Wires and Connectors

  • Inspect wires and plugs on power tools before each use. Repair or replace damaged wires or plugs before using the equipment. Do not tape over gashes. Instead, replace the wire. Do not splice wires.

  • Extension cords are for temporary use. Have permanent wiring installed where needed. Where an equip- ment cord plugs into an extension cord, tie a half-knot to keep the plug from pulling out.

  • Extension cords should be appropriate for outdoor use. The electrical load should not exceed the rated capacity. Use only one extension cord.

  • Never use an electrical power tap or power strip for landscape and horticultural use. It is too easy to over- load it. It may melt.

  • Shield plugs and outlets. Protect plugs and outlets from moisture in the environment. Never leave a plug connection in a puddle or other collection of water.

  • Only use one hand when touching plugs, outlets, or anything metal in a greenhouse. Water and electricity are both abundant. If you touch with both hands, the electric charge can pass across your heart. You could be electrocuted. You could die.

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