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MEL Program Faculty continued

John Mahoney Adjunct Professor of Business Ethics

  • -

    CEO & Founder: 1st Worldwide

Partners, LLC

John Tepper Marlin Adjunct Professor of Business Ethics

  • -

    Former Chief Economist:

New York City Comptroller

Christopher Michaelson Adjunct Professor of Business Ethics

Rex Mixon, J.D. Adjunct Professor of Business Ethics

  • -

    Former Vice President of

Enforcement: NYSE

Peter Rajsingh Adjunct Professor of Business Ethics

  • -

    Senior Vice President:

Global Partners Group

Gerald Rosenfeld Adjunct Professor of Business Ethics

  • -

    CEO of Rothschild North America

Gary Simon Professor of Statistics

Roy C. Smith

Kenneth Langone Professor of Entrepreneurship & Finance

Professor of International Business

  • -

    Former Partner - Goldman Sachs

Ingo Walter

Milstein Professor of Applied Financial Economics

Lawrence Zicklin Clinical Professor of Business Ethics

  • -

    Former Managing Partner &

CEO - Neuberger Berman, LLC

History of Scandal: Evolution of Corporate Governance an MBA elective that explores the role of scandals in prompting corporate reforms and government regulation intended to improve the practice of corporate governance. This course explores how the response to scandal comprises both market (economic) and non-market (social, political, legal) components.

Employing this distinction to better understand how

responses work with corporate governance

  • or against – each other to

and prevent subsequent market

these affect crises.

Cases will include some of scandals in U.S. history, and they prompted.

the most notorious the governance policy

business changes

Professional Responsibility and Leadership a required senior year course at Stern’s Undergraduate College. This interdisciplinary capstone course builds on all prior core coursework, both at the Stern School and in the other colleges. Its goal is to help the student develop a personal sense of business professionalism and leadership, and of how such a professional should behave in ambiguous, uncertain situations, balancing self-interests and those of the firm within the larger context of society, ethics and law.

Please visit the Markets, Ethics & Law website http://w4.stern.nyu.edu/mel


Revised: April 2008

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