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Cut the worksheet into cards and give one pack to each group. The students put - page 1 / 1





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Cut the worksheet into cards and give one pack to each group. The students put them into columns for: ‘At the departure airport’, ‘In the aircraft’ and ‘At the arrival airport’; then into the order you do them in each place. The suggested answers for the correct columns appears below. The suggested answers for the order appears on Worksheet 5.

You park your car.

You put your luggage on a trolley.

Your hand luggage is x- rayed.

You hand your passport and ticket to the check-in clerk.

You put your check-in luggage on the belt to be weighed.

You answer questions about who packed your luggage and what is in it.

You are given your boarding pass.

Your passport and boarding pass are checked.

You put your mobile phone, small change etc. into a small tray.

You walk through a metal detector.

You buy duty free goods.

Boarding is announced and you go to your gate.

You show your boarding pass again.

You put your hand luggage in the overhead locker.

You fasten your seatbelt.

The plane takes off.

You listen to the safety announcement. You fill in an immigration form.

You are given a drink.

You are given a meal.

The plane lands.

You are asked questions about the length of your stay, the purpose of your visit, etc. You walk through the green channel.

Your visa is stamped.

You take your luggage off the conveyor belt.

You are asked if you have anything to declare.

You see someone holding a sign with your name.

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