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Mr. Loofbourrow asked both Mr. Wirtjes and Mr. Gassman to provide summer manpower statistics and what their needs are. This information is also provided in the handout.

A project list was provided so that the Board is able to prioritize the needs (see attached handout). He briefly reviewed the list with the Board members. He said the bottom three items will most likely be eliminated as they have been on the list for many years. He said repairing the doorway in room 221-223 is something that can be done in-house as well as the Board room reconfiguration. He stated the storage garage across the street is beginning to lean. It is currently used as storage for the driver’s education car and also where the mowing equipment is stored. He stated since the siding on that building is asbestos, an abatement project would be required. He also stated he would like to either add onto the storage shed or build another separate building behind the school to replace the garage to make room for the Driver’s Education car and the mowers. He also stated this may provide an office space for Mr. Gassman and himself so that the trailer could be removed. He is also looking at installing ceramic tile in the East and West entrances which would not require any type of finishing so that those areas of the building would never need to be shut down for waxing which would save money in the long run. He had a meeting today with a gentleman regarding locks and keys. This project had been mentioned at an earlier meeting. There was a quote of $180,000 to do every door in the building. He stated there are grants to be able to do this and he added this would not be done unless the District qualified for a grant. There are approximately 80 classrooms as well as closets. He said with grants and discounts he would think he could get this project done for half of that cost. His recommendation is to do a test on 6 doors and see how this project would work. He did add that our Elementary building is currently not up to ADA code. He said all of the doors currently have deadbolts and that is against code. The way the doors are built we cannot change out the lock system, a new doorway would be needed, however, that would fall under the ADA grant. Mr. Johnston asked with this new electronic system, would it allow the school to be able to track when a door has been accessed. Mr. Loofbourrow said yes it would do that. He is currently looking at one which has a wireless system that would tie everything with a web-based system. Overall, his plan is to test a couple of doors to see how it would work and then do the investigation on grants. The old system to rekey and re-core would be $12,000.00 however, he felt it would be beneficial to invest in the new technology.

Classroom computer set-ups – Mr. Loofbourrow stated he would like to see that every classroom has two tables that would be similar to what we have in the computer labs. The goal is to have five computers in every classroom, one computer for the teacher, one computer that is a student computer which then runs the pods. He would like to have a standardized set-up for every classroom with the main goal of having the computers set-up close to the electrical outlets and network areas.


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