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He stated the mats in the gymnasium are torn and he would like to replace those as well as recovering the pipe insulation. The fittings and elbow do have asbestos so they would only be wrapped and not replaced. Mr. Slocum thought there were no other areas with asbestos. Mr. Loofbourrow said the only areas left are the joint elbows, pipe elbows and the siding in the garage across from the school. The rule says we can remove three square feet in house for purposes of the code. One elbow equals one square foot. If we go beyond that it would then be an abatement project. Mrs. Kinney asked if there would be any money through the “Homeland Security grants”. Mr. Loofbourrow said that may be possible, but Mr. Damon would be able to explain that better. Mr. Loofbourrow did say perhaps these projects could be done in sections.

Five Year Plan – Mr. Loofbourrow provided a handout showing the five year plan (see attached). He stated the Elementary rooftop units are beyond their current life expectancy and need to be repaired now. He did state until they start showing signs of repair he will not replace them. They are currently in acceptable working position. The unit ventilators in room 310, and the fan coil on the west HS entrance are also beyond their life expectancy. Two of the three water heaters are near their life expectancy. He stated he is keeping an eye on the phone and voice mail system as that technology is changing every day. The access system and security cameras are in acceptable condition but these items are put in the planning stage because that is another area that changes rapidly. The 2951 roof is the section that is to be replaced this summer. He also noted that Mr. Gassman has begun to inventory his equipment and follow this same format.

6. Seniority List Dr. DeSchepper stated the seniority list was sent to all teachers and certified staff. They are to report any changes to Mrs. Laurel Buss.

7. Resolution to Begin the Budgeting Process Motion made by Mr. Sullivan, second by Mrs. Burdick to approve waiving the reading of the resolution and to approve it as presented. Voice vote. All were in favor. The motion was carried.

FINANCIAL REPORTS Mr. Damon provided the monthly fund balance report and the treasurer’s report.

CORRESPONDENCE AND COMMUNICATIONS Mrs. Burdick reminded the Board about the IASB Spring Dinner Meeting on Thursday March 4, 2010.


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