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9:15 AM


Evaluation of temperament and production traits of beef replacement heifers. S. M. DeRouen* and G. E. Reger, Louisiana State University Agricultural

Center, Homer.

9:30 AM


Sire effects and phenotypic variation for

temperament scores and fecal egg counts in

Angus cattle. A. H. Brown, Jr.*, T. A. Yazwinski, Z.

B. Johnson, J. G. Powell, J. L. Reynolds, S. T. Dewey, and C. W. Rowe, University of Arkansas, Division of Agriculture, Fayetteville.

9:45 AM


Sire effects on liveweight, temperament, and

parasite resistance traits in Angus replacement heifers. W. Wyatt*1, J. Miller2, D. Franke2, and D.

Blouin2, 1Louisiana State University Agricultural Center, Jeanerette, 2Louisiana State University Agricultural Center, Baton Rouge.

10:00 AM


10:15 AM


Comparison of Florida-born, embryo-derived Angus calves sourced from Kansas and Florida herds on measures of performance, disposition, and body temperature from birth to weaning. J. D. A r t h i n g t o n * 1 , D . G . R i l e y 2 , C . C . C h a s e 2 , D . O . R a e 3 , J . L . G r i f f i n 4 , a n d S . W . C o l e m a n 2 , 1 U n i v e r s i t y Florida –IFAS, Range Cattle Research and Education Center, Ona, 2USDA, ARS Subtropical Agricultural Research Station, Brooksville, FL, 3University of Florida, College of Veterinary Medicine, Gainesville, Reproductive Technology Intern’l, Plant City, FL. o f 4

10:30 AM


The relationship of dam efficiency and calf

performance to weaning in a commercial

cowherd. S. T. Dewey*1, C. W. Wall2, M. L. Looper3,

C. R. Rosenkrans, Jr.1, A. H. Brown, Jr.1, and Z. B. Johnson1, 1University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, 2Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service, Van Buren, 3USDA/ARS, Booneville, AR.

10:45 AM


Preweaning performance of calves from

tropically-adapted and temperate sires and

Brangus cows managed on two forage systems.

M. A. Brown*1 and D. L. Lalman2, 1USDA-ARS, Grazinglands Research Laboratory, El Reno, OK, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater. 2



11:00 AM


Tropically adapted F1 beef female and location influences on early performance. D. E. Franke* and L. V. Cundiff2, 1LSU Agricultural Center, Baton Rouge, LA, 2USDA/ARS US Meat Animal Research 1

Center, Clay Center, NE.

11:15 AM


Heterosis for reproductive traits in young F1,

Romosinuano, Brahman, and Angus cows. D. G. R i l e y * 1 , C . C . C h a s e , J r . 1 , S . W . C o l e m a n 1 , a n d T . A . O l s o n 2 , 1 U S D A , A R S , B r o o k s v i l l e , F L , 2 U n i v e r s i t y o f

Florida, Gainesville.

11:30 AM


Comparison of F1 cows sired by Brahman, Boran and Tuli bulls for reproductive, maternal, and cow longevity traits. S. F. Cunningham*, A. H. Maiga, J.

O. Sanders, and A. D. Herring, Texas A&M University, College Station.

Physiology II Growth and Body Composition Chair: Brian Rude, Mississippi State University Convention Center – Meeting Room 201 A

8:30 AM


Effect of fish oil on adipocyte size distribution in different fat depots of lambs. V. Vasileva* and P. Marinova, Inst of Animal Scie, Kostinbrod, Bulgaria.

8:45 AM


Determination of creatinine excretion and

evaluation of spot urine sampling to assess

purine derivative excretion. M. L. Chizzotti*1,2, S. C. Valadares Filho1, R. F. D. Valadares1, F. H. M. Chizzotti1,2, L. O. Tedeschi2, M. I. Marcondes1, and M.

A. Fonseca1, 1Universidade Federal de Viçosa, Viçosa, MG, Brazil, 2Texas A&M University, College


9:00 AM


Temperament and calf serum protein influence weaning weight in Brahman cattle. J . C . W h i t e * 1 , J . P . B a n t a 2 , R . C . V a n n 3 , D . A . N e u e n d o r f f 1 , A . W . L e w i s 1 , T . H . W e l s h , J r . 1 , a n d D. Randel1, 1Texas Agricultural Experiment Station, Overton and College Station, 2Texas Cooperative Extension, Overton, 3Mississippi State University, R .


9:15 AM


Evaluation of ultrasound body composition traits as affected by temperament and transportation stress. R. C. Vann*1, S. T. Willard2, T. H. Welsh, Jr3,


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