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Forebrain overexpression of αCaMKII impairs amygdala long term depression and behavioral flexibility

16:30-16:45     [OR-6-1-06]Fang WANG, Jin LIU, Dong WANG, Long-Nian LIN

Innate fear representation by single neurons in the mouse amygdala

16:45-17:00     [OR-6-2-08] Yi-Lan XING, Xiao-Jia LIU, Hu-Bing WU, Dong Chen

The function of basal ganglia in English writingA PET-CT study on Indians Innate fear representation by single neurons in the mouse amygdale

17:00-17:15     [OR-6-3-04] Yuan-Yuan Hou, Bin Lu, Mu Li, Yao Liu, Jie Chen, Zhi-Qiang Chi , Jing-Gen Liu

Involvement of actin rearrangements within the amygdala and the dorsal hippocampus in aversive memories of drug withdrawal in acute morphine dependent rats

17:15-17:30     [OR-6-2-01] Yanling Yin, Andrew C.N. Chen

The effect of valence and arousal of emotional pictures on EEG activity

17:30-17:45     [OR-6-2-03]徐小霞,翟洪昌


17:45-18:00     [OR-6-2-05] Cheng Luo, Dong Zhou, Dezhong Yao

Dorsal Attention Network Dysfunctional Connectivity in Idiopathic Generalized Epilepsy

18:00-18:15     [OR-6-2-06] Yue-jia Luo, Huijun Zhang

The Components of Regret in Decision Making

18:15-18:30     [OR-6-2-07]王林杰,魏金河,曹毅,赵琦,陈文娟,唐国华,郭建平,李大琛


Session 26   Disease (Chair:徐群渊、杨慧)(大会堂)

16:15-16:30     [OR-7-5-01] Li Chen, Jian Liu, Shuang Wang, Umar Ali, Zhen Hua Gui, Yong Wang

Nonmotor symptoms and electrophysiological characters of amygdale projection neurons in early stage of parkinson’s disease

16:30-16:45     [OR-7-5-02] Hua Gao, Lei Ming Sui, Hui Yang

DJ-1 decrease rotenone-mediated dopaminergic cell death via ERK signaling

16:45-17:00     [OR-7-5-03] Juan SHI, Long-Biao CUI, Bo-Wei LI, Xiao-Hang JIN

Time-dependent loss of orexin neurons in hypothalamus in the rat model of Parkinson’s disease

17:00-17:15     [OR-7-5-04] Yu-he Yuan, Nai-hong CHEN

Overexpressed alpha-synuclein regulated the nuclear factor-kappaB signal pathway

17:15-17:30     [OR-7-5-05] Yong-Mei ZHAO, Feng-Yue LV, Qun-Yuan XU

Long-term degeneration of dopaminergic neurons in rat inflammation model and the role of asctrocytes

17:30-17:45     [OR-7-5-06] Hai Zhang, Guo-zhang Jin, Xuechu Zhen

Impaired 5-HT1A receptor function is associated with the development of dyskinesia in Parkinson’s disease

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