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17:45-18:00     [OR-7-5-07] 明,徐胜利,李尧华,陈


18:00-18:15     [OR-7-5-08] Qing-feng ZHU, Ji MA, Ling-li YU, Chong-gang YUAN

Grafted neural stem cells migrate to substantia nigra and improve behavior in Parkinsonian rats

Session 27   Receptor  (Chair: 丘小庆、招明高)(迎二会议室)

16:15-16:30     [OR-3-2-01] Xi CHEN, Rui-Ping PANG, Kai-Feng SHEN, Yong-Yong LI, Xian-Guo LIU

Selective motor fiber injury increases the current densities of voltage gated sodium channels in uninjured DRG neurons

16:30-16:45     [OR-3-2-02] Kai-zheng DUAN, Qian XU, Zhi-Qi ZHAO , Yu-Qiu ZHANG

Changes in A-type voltage-gated K+ currents and capsaicin-activated currents on the small sensory neurons of dorsal root ganglion following the development of rat bone cancer pain

16:45-17:00     [OR-3-2-03] Xing-Hua Fen, Hong-Tian Yang, Ming He

Identification of key amino acids for the site 3 of VGSCs

17:00-17:15     [OR-3-2-04] Shao Li, Quan-Hong Ma , Wu-Lin Yang, Cheng-Wu Zhang, Hong-Bin Li, Melitta Schachner , Gavin S. Dawe, Zhi-Cheng Xiao

Amyloid precursor protein (APP) clusters at CNS nodes of Ranvier and causes an APPThr668 phosphorylation-dependent increase in Nav1.6 sodium channel currents

17:15-17:30     [OR-3-2-05] Yi-Wu Shi, Mei-Juan Yu, Wei-Yi Deng, Xiao-Rong Liu, Mei-Mei Gao, Li Chen, Yue-Sheng Long, Yong-Hong Yi, Bing-Mei Li, Tao Su, Wei-Ping Liao

Familial epilepsy with febrile seizures plus caused by SCN1A mutations and the role of mosaicism and mutation type in inheritance

17:30-17:45     [OR-3-2-06] Jie Tao, Mang-Mang Zhu, Miao Tan, Hong-tian Yang, Yong-Hua Ji

U-shaped dose-dependent effects of BmK AS a unique scorpion polypeptide toxin on the voltage-gated sodium channels

17:45-18:00     [OR-3-2-07] Chun-Chun WENG, Rong ZHAO, Qi FENG, Xu-Ying ZHANG, Yun WANG, Yong-Hua JI

Anticonvulsant activity of BmK AS, a sodium channel site 4-specific modulator in rats

18:00-18:15     [OR-3-2-08] Yao-Qing YU, Feng ZHAO, Jun CHEN

Distinguishable roles of tonic and phasic DRG neurons by regulating NaV1.8 and NaV1.9 and their distinct contributions to inflammatory pain

18:15-20:00     Dinner

20:00-21:30     Plenary Lecture 6 (Chair: 路长林)(大会堂)

Sten Grillner

Networks in motion - from ion channels to motor behaviour

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