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9:45-10:00     [OR-3-1-04] Dong-Qing ZHANG, Tie-Jun XU

Effects and signaling mechanisms of N-Methyl-D-Aspartate receptor and its subunit NR2B on neural stem cells survival and proliferation

10:00-10:15    [OR-3-1-05] Xiao-Nan Zhang, Ming-Gao Zhao

Analgesic target: NMDA NR2B receptors in the rodent midbrain periaqueductal grey

10:15-10:30    [OR-3-1-06]张筱敏 邱爽 曹静远 杨巍 严颖刚 单凌 罗建红


10:30-10:45    [OR-3-1-07] Yiqing Liang, Vikrant Kobla, Xuesheng Bai, FaYin Li, Dongliang Liu

Behavior Recognition, and Complex, Natural, and Stereotypic Behaviors

Session 31Synapse  (Chair:  刘先国、汪萌芽)(迎二会议室)

9:00-9:15      [OR-2-2-01]廖素群 刘晓琳 侯国强 李东风


9:15-9:30      [OR-2-2-02] Juan JIANG, Nan SUI, Meng-Ya WANG

Prenatal Morphine Exposure Inhibits GABAA Receptor-Mediated Responses in Day-Old Chicks

9:30-9:45      [OR-2-2-03] Zhao-Wei LIU, Guo-Gang REN, Tao ZHANG, Zhuo YANG

Nano-Ag inhibiting action potential independent glutamatergic synaptic transmission but increasing excitability in rat CA1 pyramidal neurons

9:45-10:00     [OR-2-2-04] Wen-Jie Ren, Yong Liu, Xian-Guo Liu

Peripheral nerve injury impairs working memory and hippocampal LTP via up-regulation of TNF-α

10:00-10:15    [OR-2-2-05] Xiao-Hui Wang, Jin-Shun Qi

Val8-GLP-1(7-36)-NH2 protects against amyloid β-protein induced suppression of rat hippocampal late-phase long-term potentiation in vivo

10:15-10:30    [OR-2-2-06] Guang-Jin XU, Min-Jie XIE, Zhi-Yuan YU, Min ZHOU2, Wei WANG

Using dual patch clamp whole-cell recording in rat hippocampal slice to detect electrical coupling of astrocytes

10:30-10:45    [OR-2-2-07] Yi Zhong, Li-Jun Zhou, Wen-Jie Ren, Wen-jun Xin, Yong-Yong Li, Tong

Zhang, Xian-Guo Liu

The direction of synaptic plasticity mediated by C-fibers in spinal dorsal horn is decided by Src-family kinases in microglia

Session 32  Sensory System  (Chair:肖中举、张季平)(迎大会议室)

9:00-9:15      [OR-4-4-01] Xiao Wang, Xiao-Li Yang, Zhong-Ju Xiao

Effect of sound durations on the latency of inferior colliculus neurons

9:15-9:30      [OR-4-4-02] Xiangfei Hong, Shanbao Tong

Brain activities under different auditory attention levels: a behavioral and electrophysiological

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