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Expression of the apoptosis related proteinsCaspase-3 and NF-kappaB in the hippocampus of Tg2576 mice

16:30-16:45    [OR-7-7-05] Hong-mei WANG, Jian-fang MA, Yu-yan TAN, Zhi-quan WANG, Cheng-yu SHENG, Jian-qing DING, Sheng-di CHEN Aβ1–42 induces ROS-mediated autophagic cell death in U87 and SH-SY5Y cells

16:45-17:00    [OR-7-7-06] Zhifang LiWeizhong SunHongliang YiXiaotang FanHaiwei Xu

Neuronal differentiation and synapse formation of embryonic stem cell-derived precursors transplanted into the hippocampus of rats receiving Abeta (1-40) injection

Session 41  Disease  (Chair: 王云、游思维)(大会堂)

15:30-15:45    [OR-7-8-01] Ling LIU, Ming-Mei WU, Si-Wei YOU

Neuroprotective effect of Diazepam on axotomized retinal ganglion cells after optic nerve transection in adult rats

15:45-16:00    [OR-7-8-02] Li-na Wang, Ming Yao, Jian-ping Yang, Yan Peng, Cai-fang Li, Fu-hai Ji, Hao Cheng, Yan-bing Zhang,Qinian Xu

Cancer-induced bone pain activates glial cells and the ERK/MAPK pathway in the spinal cord of rats

16:00-16:15    [OR-7-8-03] Jie CHEN, Yan-Ying MIAO, Xiao-Han WANG, Xiong-Li YANG, Zhongfeng WANG

Phosphorylation of NR2A at Ser1232 by CDK5/P35 contributes to retinal ganglion cell death in rat chronic ocular hypertension model

16:15-16:30    [OR-7-8-04]陈梦,陈磊,罗建红,金静华


16:30-16:45    [OR-7-8-07]王云

Cofilin rod formation and its regulationa pilot study by using live cell imagine system

16:45-17:00    [OR-7-8-08] Xiao-liang Zhao, Jiang-xiu Tan, Wen-an Wang, Jian-kang Huang, Xiao Zhang, Bao-zhu Zhang, Yu-hang Wang, Han-yu YangCheng, Hong-lian Zhu, Xiao-jiang Sun and Fu-de Huang

Expression of beta amyloid induced age-dependent presynaptic and axonal changes in Drosophila

Session42  Receptor  (Chair: 蒋星红、梅岩艾)(迎二会议室)

15:30-15:45    [OR-3-4-01] Juan Fan, Li-hua Yu, Bei Ma

Estrogen altered visceromotor reflex and P2X3 mRNA expression in a rat model of colitis

15:45-16:00    [OR-3-4-02]丘小庆


16:00-16:15    [OR-3-4-03] Jin Tao, Yuan Zhang, Hua Huang , Xinghong Jiang

Activation of corticotropin-releasing factor 2 receptor inhibits Purkinje neuron P-type calcium

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