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Poster Session 1, 12:30-14:30, Nov. 8, 2009

申请”Olympus Travel Fellowship” 墙报:


Le SUN, Xu HAN, Shi-Gang HE     

Development of Direction Selectivity in the Rat Retina Independent of Spiking Activity


朱燕玲 曹莉 苏志达 穆丽芳 袁一旻 高亮 何成     

Olfactory Ensheathing Cells: Attractant of Neural Progenitor Migration to Olfactory Bulb


Man Jiang, Jie Zhu, Cuiping Tian, Mingpo Yang, Yousheng Shu       

Asynchronous Release in GABAergic synapses by Fast-spiking interneurons in Prefrontal Cortex

4. Da-Wei ZHENG, Rou-Gang XIE, Wen-Ting WANG, Hui XU, San-Jue HU          

Inhibition of riluzole on spontaneous discharges from chronically compressed A-type DRG neurons in the rat

5. Yan ZHENG, Qing-xian LU,  Xiao-min WANG Neuroprotective Effects of Tyro3 Receptor Kinase on Hippocampal Neurons and Differentiated PC12 Cells

6. Jun Wang, Hong Jiang, Jun-Xia Xie           

Ceruloplasmin is Involved in the Nigral Iron Accumulation of 6-OHDA Lesioned Rats

7. 俞仲望 徐晓辉 向正华 周剑峰 张照环 胡春 何成         

Nitrated α-synuclein induces the loss of dopaminergic neurons in the substantia nigra and causes behavioral defects resembling Parkinson’s disease

8. 苏志达 袁一旻 曹莉 朱燕玲 高亮 何成        

Triptolide Inhibits astrogliosis and promotes spinal cord repair

9. Yi SUN, Shige XING, Wenwen LIU, Xingyu JIANG        

Micro/nanoscale tools for neurobiology

10.Zi-Rui HUANG, Zhi YANG, Xu-Chu WENG

Early visual cortex activation correlates better verbal memory in long-term musically trained subjects

11. Wenqin Hu, Cuiping Tian, Tun Li, Mingpo Yang, Han Hou, Yousheng Shu Serotoninergic modulation and contribution of sodium channel subtypes in action potential initiation and backpropagation

12. Xiao-hua CAO, Xu-chu WENG

The development of Chinese character recognition: Evidence from an ERP study

13. Yong-Jun Chen, Meng Zhang, Lei Wen, Dong-Min Yin, Annie K.L.Ting, Pu Wang, Shu-Ji Li Yisheng Lu, Xin-Hong Zhu, Lin Mei, Tian-Ming Gao      

NRG1 inhibits LTP by enhancing GABA release from PV-positive interneuron at CA1 synapse

14. Mei-Na QUAN, Shuang LIANG, Tao ZHANG, Zhuo YANG

Application of Memantine Hydrochloride in Depression-Model Rats

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