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9:30-9:45      [OR-7-1-01]张勇,熊曼,张玲妹,黄娅林,孙凤艳


9:45-10:00     [OR-7-8-05] Haijun Tu, Chanjuan Xu, Wenhua Zhang, Qiuyao Liu, Philippe Rondard, Jean-Philippe Pin, Jianfeng Liu

GABAB receptor activation protects neurons from apoptosis via IGF-I receptor transactivation

10:00-10:15    [OR-7-3-06]Xue-Rong LENG, Ye WU, Yan-Xia PAN, Li DU, Jing-Min WANG, Zhi-Jie GAO, Jiong QIN, Xi-Ru WU, Yu-Wu JIANG

Functional Analysis of Mutations in Eukaryotic Translation Initiation Factor 2B (eIF2B) in Chinese Patients with Vanishing White Matter Disease

10:15-10:30    [OR-7-1-02]高昌俊,李军平,汪伟,吕伯昌,李云庆


10:30-10:45    [OR-7-1-03] Yong LiuYu-Mei TianXin-Lin ChenJun-Feng ZhangHai-Xia Zhang Qin-Dong Shi

AMN082 a selective agonist mGluR7 promotes neurogenesis of NSCs

10:45-11:00    [OR-7-1-04]Junfang MA, wei WANG, minjie XIE, zhiyuan YU

Effect of knockout of cyclinD1 on proliferation and the cell cycle of neural stem cell

11:00-11:15    [OR-7-1-05]Bo TianZixu Mao

Role of CDK5 on ATM phosphorylation in neuronal death induced by DNA damage

11:15-11:30    [OR-7-1-07]Minjie Xie, Wei Wang,  Harold K. Kimelberg, Min Zhou

Study on oxygen-glucose deprivation induced changes in astrocyte membrane potential and underlying mechanisms in acute rat hippocampal slices

Session 4      Disease  (Chair:唐北沙、姜玉武)(迎大会议室)

9:30-9:45      [OR-7-3-01]沈璐,周亚芳,廖书胜,汤建光,杜鹃 ,唐北沙


9:45-10:00     [OR-7-3-02]Hong Jiang, Xiao-Fei Du, Nancy J. Cox, Christopher M. Gomez

Mapping of a Dominantly Inherited Spinocerebellar Ataxia with Azoospermia to Chromosome 7q32.3

10:00-10:15    [OR-7-3-03]Qing-Ling Fu, Xin Li, Henry K. Yip, Zhaohui Shao, Wutian Wu, Sha Mi, Kwok-Fai So

Combined Effect of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor and LINGO-1 Fusion Protein on Long-term Survival of Retinal Ganglion Cells in Chronic Glaucoma

10:15-10:30    [OR-7-3-04]Wei-wei Hu, Ping He, Hai-jing Yan, Zheng-hao Xu, Qi Fang, Kai Zhong, Zhong Chen

Effect of histamine H1 receptor antagonist on the epileptogenesis and the involved mechanism related to astrocytes

10:30-10:45    [OR-7-3-05]Wen HUJian-hui GUAi-dong DENGXiao-song GU

Surgical repair of a 30-mm-long human median nerve defect in the distal forearm by

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