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P-080  Hong-ju, Ming-gao Zhao  

Gentiopicroside inhibits morphine dependence through down-regulation of NR2B receptors in NAc

P-081  Han Hou, Yousheng Shu

Estimation of single Nav1.2 and Nav1.6 channel parameters in somatic and axonal regions of cortical pyramidal neurons

P-082  金艳燕 李晓晓 吕琼 徐志卿


P-083  李杰 杨予涛 徐志卿


P-084  李乾 苏园园 王浩 李磊 王琼 鲍岚


P-085  Tun Li, Cuiping Tian, Yousheng Shu

Properties of Axonal Na+ Channels in Cortical Interneurons

P-086  Shuai Liu, Ping Zheng

Altered neuromodulation sensitivity of two epilepsy related SCN1A mutations by protein kinase A

P-087  Yue-Sheng Long, Jia-Ming Qin, Xun-Sha Sun, Tao Zeng, Qi-Hua Zhao, Wei-Ping Liao

Cloning and characterization of the transcription regulatory region of human voltage-gated sodium channel SCN3A Gene

P-088  Xiao-Fei Wei, Ying-Ying Cao, Zhong-Shuang Zhang, Lei Zhao, Jun-Qiang Si

Systemic Cholecystokin-8S improved impaired memory induced by binge ethanol in adolescent rats: an involvement of NMDA receptors

P-089  Cui-ping Tian, Wen-qin Hu, You-sheng Shu

Modulation of axonal sodium current and action potential backpropagation by 5-HT1A Receptor

P-090  Kevin Wang, Yousheng Shu     

Serotonergic Modulation of Cortical Recurrent Activity

P-091  Pei-Ying Wu, Bin Lai, Ping Zheng     

Inhibition of Qi and Qo sites of mitochondrial complex III induced opposite effects on HVA calcium channels via activation of different protein kinase C isoforms in cortical neurons

P-092  Yang Xia, Yousheng Shu        

Axonal GABAA Receptor in Cortical Pyramidal Neurons

P-093  Yang Jing, Shu Yousheng     

Axonal Potassium Current and Its Modulation by Neuromodulators

P-094  Qi Yang, Ming-Gao Zhao        

Neuroprotective effects of Hydroxysafflor yellow A against apoptosis through down-regulation of NR2B-containing NMDA receptors

P-095  Jia Zhu, Chong-Yu Shao, Jian-Hong Luo, Ying Shen       

Low concentration of zinc specifically disperses functinoanl NMDA receptors in cultured hippocampal neurons

P-096  Hao Qian, Jinhui Wang  

A spike-dependent gluatamte transporter current on the cortical Astrocyte

P-097  余立华 李娜 刘蔡钺 马蓓      


P-098  Li Yan, Jie Tao, Jian Shi, Zhilei Zhou, Yanhong Duan, Ying Chen, Yonghua Ji   

Molecular mechanisms underlying the novel inhibition of martentoxin on neuronal BK channel subtype

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