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implantation of a chitosan/PGA nerve guidance conduit: a case study

10:45-11:00    [OR-7-1-06]Ying WANG, Li-Li XIAO, Yong-Juan REN, Fu-Zhai CUI, Qun-Yuan XU

Transplantation of Neural Stem Cells and Hyaluronic Acid Based Scaffold for Treatment of Rat Ischemic Stroke

11:00-11:15    [OR-7-3-07]马坚妹,田中謙二,池中一裕

Cystatin F在神经脱髓鞘疾病小胶质细胞中表达及诱导因子

11:15-11:30    [OR-7-3-08]Yuan-Rong YAO, Jie Wang

Metabolic deficit and motor neuron disease

Session 5      Endocrine (Chair: 谢俊霞、蒋春雷)(新3会议室)

9:30-9:45      [OR-5-1-03] Yi Feng, Julia Johansson, Ruijin Shao, Louise Manner&arings, Julia Fernandez-Rodriguez, H&aringkan Billig,

Elisabet Stener-Victorin Hypothalamic Neuroendocrine Functions in Rats with Dihydrotestosterone induced Polycystic Ovary Syndrome – Effects of Acupuncture

9:45-10:00     [OR-5-1-02]Xi Chen, Hong-Zai Guan, Zheng-Yao Jiang

Ghrelin acts on the dorsal vagal complex to stimulate feeding via arcuate NPY/AgRP activation in rats

10:00-10:15    [OR-5-1-01]谢勤


10:15-10:30    [OR-5-1-04] Wang-Ping Hu, Qun-Yong Zhou

Decreased rapid eye movement sleep and altered circadian sleep regulation in vasoactive intestinal polypeptide deficient mice

10:30-10:45    [OR-5-1-05] Qing-Hua JIN, Yan-Hua BING, Gui-Dong YIN, Xiao-lei GAO

Effect of amino acids in the paraventricular nucleus on regulation of baroreflex in conscious rats

10:45-11:00    [OR-5-1-06] Ning Lu, Jinjin Ni, Haiyun Yu, Rui Wang, Yichun Zhu

Superoxide mediates central cardiovascular effects of Urotensin II in spontaneously hypertensive rats

11:00-11:15    [OR-5-1-07] Yu-Ping PENG, Zhan LIU, Xiao-Lin JIANG, Yu-Ping CHEN, Yi-Hua QIU

Neuroprotection of Interleukin-6 Against NMDA Attack and Its Signal-Transduction Mechanisms

11:15-11:30    [OR-5-1-08] Qi-Ming Wang , De-Run Tian, Zhong-Nan Wei, Ying Cai , Fei Wang , Ji-Sheng Han

Proteome Analysis of Hypothalamus in Diet-induced Obese and Diet-resistant Rats

11:30-11:45    [OR-5-1-09] Yunxia Wang, Marcus A. Lawson, Robert Dantzer, Keith W. Kelley

A JNK Signaling Pathway is involved in LPS-Induced Indoleamine 2, 3-dioxygenase expression in an Interferon-γ-Independent Manner in Primary Murine Microglia

11:45-12:00    [OR-5-1-10]杨勇,杨文伟,孟婕,王凯,丁志华

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