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conditioned fear in a Pavlovian model

P-237  Fu-Xing ZHANG, Jin-Lian LI, Yun-Qing LI         

Activation of anterior cingulate cortex in rat subjected to double rotation eleciting motion sickness

P-238  Xiao-hui Xiang, Jin-ming Zhang, Jia-he Tian, Ji-sheng Han, Cai-lian Cui       

The effects of 2Hz electroacupuncture on regional cerebral biodistribution of 11C-carfentanil in rats and the pilot study of small animal PET using this tracer

P-239  Ling Hu, Ning-ning Chu, Lin-lin Sun, Rong-Zhang, Ji-sheng Han, Cai-lian Cui         

Electroacupuncture treatment reverses morphine-induced physiological changes in dopaminergic neurons within the ventral tegmental area

P-240  Yue Cui, Xue-Qing Zhang, Wen-Jun Xin, Xian-Guo Liu          

Involvement of GDNF/AKT-Mammalian Target of Rapamycin signaling pathway in CA3 on morphine-induced rewarding effects

Poster Session 3, 12:30-14:30, Nov. 10, 2009


P-241  徐娅 吕秀芳 崔彩莲        


P-242  Ying-xia Gong, Wei-ping Zhang, Hui-juan Wang, Zhong Chen         

Ameliorating effect of histamine on impairment of cued fear extinction induced by morphine withdrawal in mice with histidine decarboxylase gene knockout

P-243  程九清, 陆燕红, 韩晓东, 隋南         


P-244  Ying Zhang, Man-Ying Xu, Guang-Wen Zhang, He-Ren Gao, Duo Zhang          

Dopamine enhances morphine-induced increase of pCREB in caudate nucleus of rats

P-245  Lei Wang, Zhigang Lv, Zhaoyang Hu, Jian Sheng, Bin Hui, Jie Sun, Lan Ma       

Motivation for cocaine is associated with histone acetylation in nucleus accumbence

P-246  刘富鑫 蒋鸿杰 钟伟霞 罗建红         


P-247  Sheng LIU,  Aston-Jones GARY         

Cocaine treatment followed by prolonged withdrawal disrupts mPFC inputs to VTA

P-248  谢小虎 周文华        


P-249  Baomiao Ma, Miaojun Lai, Huaqiang Zhu, Wenhua Zhou       

Huperzine A attenuates the reinstatement of heroin-seeking induced by conditioned or heroin priming in rats

P-250  Jin HAN, Yong-Hui LI, Yan-Bei Huang, Chu-Guang WEI, Nan SUI, Xiao-Yan YANG          

Injection of Okadaic acid(OA) reverse the effect of 5-zaz-2`-deoxycytidine(5aza) on acquisition of morphine-induced place preference

P-251  Xiang-Rong SUN, Lei CHEN        

Electrophysiological effects of group I metabotropic glutamate receptors on globus pallidus neurons in normal and parkinsonian rats

P-252  Zheng-xiang Hu, Bao-rong Zhang           

Mutational analysis of PINK1 and parkin genes in early-onset parkinson′s disease in China

P-253  Zuo-Li SUN, Jun JIA, Yan-Jun JIA, Fen YU, Xuan WANG, Xiao-Min WANG        

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