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16:00-16:15   Break

Session 7   Minisymposium 3: Neural Circuit Assembly and Plasticity(OrganizerYimin Zou) (大会堂)

16:15-16:35   [MS-3-001]Yimin Zou

Mechanisms of Axon Guidance

16:35-16:55   MS-3-002]Zhigang He

Regulations of Axon Regeneration

16:55-17:15   [MS-3-003]John Ngai

Wiring of the Olfactory System

17:15-17:35   [MS-3-004]Tomomi Shimogori

Development of the Thalamus

17:35-17:55   [MS-3-005]Andy Furley

Ig Superfamily Molecules in Spinal Cord Development.

17:55-18:15   [MS-3-006]Tim Kennedy

Beyond Axon Guidance: Novel Roles for Netrin-1 Regulating Cell-CellInteractions in the CNS

Session 8  Sensory System  (Chair: 王韵、赵志奇 )(新1会议室)

16:15-16:30   [OR-4-6-02] Neng Gong, Wen Zhang, Tian-Le Xu

Cortical disinhibition as a mechanism of chronic pain

16:30-16:45   [OR-4-6-03] Mei HAN, Yan ZHANG, Ru-Yi HUANG, Zhi-Qi ZHAO, Yu-Qiu ZHANG

SIP30 in the anterior cingulated cortex contributes to the induction of pain-related negative affect in rat

16:45-17:00   [OR-4-6-08]Li-Jun Zhou, Wen-Jie Ren, Yi Zhong, Tao Yang, Xian-Guo Liu

The mechanisms underlying that injury of skin afferents does not produce neuropathicpain:the role of BDNF

17:00-17:15   [OR-4-2-02] Minggang Chen, Shigang He

Changing EPSC Kinetics of ON-OFF Direction Selective Ganglion Cells during Early Postnatal Development in the Mouse Retina

17:15-17:30   [OR-4-6-01] Hui Fu, Lei Wei, Chao Huang, Zhuang-Li Hu, Xin-Di Zhou, You Jin, Fang Wang, Jiang-Guo Chen

The protein interacting with Cα kinase 1 (PICK1) modulates periphery nociception through the interaction with ASICs

17:30-17:45    [OR-4-6-04] Wen-Juan He, Huan-Zhen Ruan

Role of P2X7 receptors induce hyperactive microglia in neuropathic pain

17:45-18:00    [OR-4-6-05] Man Li, Jing Zhang, Lin Chen, Fan Li, Jing shi

Effects of electroacupuncture (EA) on the expression of CB2 Receptors protein in skin and subcutaneous tissue around inflammatory pain focus of rats

18:00-18:15    [OR-4-6-06]Ling-li Liang, Jia-le Yang, Ning Lu, Yu-qiu Zhang, Zhi-qi Zhao

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