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17:15-17:30   [OR-1-1-04]Hong Liao, Wenhui Huang, Melitta Schachner, Yue Guan, Jingjing Guo, Jun Yan, Jing Qin, Xianshu Bai, Luyong Zhang

β1 Integrin mediated effects of tenascin-R domains EGFL and FN6-8 on neural stem progenitor cell proliferation and differentiation in vitro

17:30-17:45     [OR-1-1-05]Li Lu, Wei-guo Zhang, Gui-jiao*Yang, Ba-yi Yan

Expression of 26S proteasome in differentiation of human bone marrow stromal cells into neural-like cells

17:45-18:00    [OR-1-1-06]盛慧 陈妍明 张琰敏 倪鑫


18:00-18:15    [OR-1-1-07]Chun-Fang WANG, Fei WANG, Peng-Fei LI, Hong-En WE

The expression of Hes1 and Mash1 genes during the spinal cord stem cells specifically differentiating into cholinergic neurons in rat

Session 11   Behavior (Chair: 马原野, 刘力)(展厅会议室)

16:15-16:30     [OR-6-2-02] Hongzhi YOU, Dahui WANG

The mechanism for multiple-choice decision making

16:30-16:45     [OR-6-1-02]Da-dong Han, Jin-xia Zhao, Tao ZHANG, Guo-gang Ren, Zhuo YANG

Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles Affect Neuroplasticity and Spatial Learning and Memory Ability in Hippocampus of Wistar Rats

16:45-17:00     [OR-6-1-03]Fu-Lian HUANG, Shao-Wen TIAN

Rapid eye movement sleep deprivation does not affect fear memory reconsolidation in rats

17:00-17:15     [OR-6-1-04]潘玉峰,龚哲峰,刘力


17:15-17:30     [OR-6-1-05]XueXuan Mao,  RongBiao Pi, XiaoHong Chen, Minzhong Ye, PeiQing Liu, JianTao Ye, SuoWen Xu, QiShen Lian

Osthole improves the cognitive ability through attenuating the disruption of blood-brain barrier in C57 BL/6J mice submitted to transient global cerebral ischemia

17:30-17:45     [OR-6-2-04] Shaobo Guan, Yu Liu, Mingsha Zhang

The neuronal circuits underlying express saccades and regular saccades in human

17:45-18:00     [OR-6-1-07]Hai-Long Wang, Yan-Lin Luo, Yan-Ling Yin, Jie Yang, Andrew CN Chen

Pain caused by tonic cuff pressure on the thermoregulation of hands

18:00-18:15     [OR-6-1-08]Xiong-Jie Yu, Jufang He

Neural population coding of sound with fidelity and flexibility through Stimulus-specific adaptation in medial geniculate body

Session 12   Disease  (Chair: 李云庆、刘勇)(迎大会议室)

16:15-16:30     [OR-7-2-01]Amy Cheuk-Yin LO, Chung-Man YEUNG, Suk-Yee LI, Raymond, Chuen-Chung CHANG, Kwok-Fai SO, David WONG

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