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Progress Achieved towards

Illiteracy Eradication (1997-2007)

1/10) the Developmental Effects for Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The education has left clear impressions on the kingdom's policies for political, social, the economic and the development one and that effect becomes clear as follows:

A - The social dimension: The education activity is considered as great incentive for the stability where it give the citizens feeling of the hoped functional secure and this happens mostly to who joins the educational programs. and from the most enemies for the king Abdul Aziz was the poverty, the ignorance and the disease and all these demolish the society pillars and the weakness of its entity and he get rid of it by education , in addition to that the students regularity procedure from 6-18 years because their is regular programs requires them the commitment to go to schools or the institutes in specific time periods in fact it is a confirming the social guarantee and security guarantee for their exploitation of their times in proper way and their teaching them skills it will helps them and qualifies them for the entrance of labor market and they will gain a noble living and the achievement is peace of mind , social and economic.

B - The economic dimension: The experts confirm the importance of education as being an effective educational aids for the qualification of workers that all the production operations practice, because of that the biggest kinds of the capital value is the capital that is invested in the human, and the education forms a productive investment for the capitals when it responds really to the needs of development.

C - The cognitive and technical dimension: The coincidence between the acquisition of knowledge as a natural result for the education and the skill of transfer the technology to the countries is an important matter and vital and the education policy in the kingdom confirmed that: where the fifteenth material from kingdom policies on " linking the education in all of the stages by the plan of the general development of the country " where the achievement of development does not stop at the availability of natural resources nor the systems and the laws too but it is must by building and the development productive manpower and that will not take place with out the education therefore the relation between the education and the development is strong , and the education and the vocational training have contributed on the preparation of manpower qualified for the response of the society needs .

1/11) the Education Stages The education is divided in the kingdom into two parts:

  • First the public education and its divided into three stages:

The primary stage and consists of six academic years. The average stage and consists of three academic years. The secondary stage and consists of three academic years.

  • Second the higher education and consists:

The university study to the BA stage. The university study to the MA certificate. The university study to the doctorate certificate.

And the Ministry of Education supervises on the public education stages as the Ministry of Higher Education supervises on the university education stages.


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