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Progress Achieved towards

Illiteracy Eradication (1997-2007)

2/ The Policies & Regulations in Adult Education:

Adult Education & eradication of Illiteracy being based on the following:








1/6/1392H.which contains 24 items for treating illiteracy

by the royal problem, that

decision no.(523) dated include goals, policies &

adult education structures. This system aims to citizens and to prepare the qualified citizen ,who

eradicate all illiteracy among all the Kingdoms' could upgrade and help himself and his society.

The system established main lines for policies such as preparing an inclusive plan for illiteracy eradication in 20 days as well as suitable programs preparation for regular classes and usage of all media means.

The system emphasis on the participation of all official & non-official authorities which item no.(14) of this system stated: " each government should eradicate illiteracy among its employee within six years, starting of issuing this system." As well as it includes formation of illiteracy eradication committees such as:


The high committee for illiteracy eradication

of adult education chairmanship by the

minister of education. B/ The divisions committees in the educational districts chairmanship by educational directors.

2- In view of what the system contains from policies that need and activation in the education field, the executive regulation has been issued to the system of eradication of illiteracy and adult education by the ministerial decision no. 22/m dated 5/2/1399, cares for the executive sides of the system then the modified executive regulation was issued in 1420H.

3- The basic system of government issued on 27/8/1412H stated on the importance of illiteracy eradication and adults education where the item thirty emphasizes the role of the state in providing the general education and uprooting illiteracy.

4- A document of (Education policy in the K.S.A) was issued in 1389H and gave adult education and illiteracy eradication great importance where it assigned a special chapter, that cares for the eradication of illiteracy for all citizens, where item (180) refers to (the country care for fighting illiteracy and support this kind of education morally, financially and administratively to eradicate the standard of illiteracy and generalizing culture among its individuals).

5- The issuing of the approval of the ministers' council no. 139 on 24/4/1425 H. That it is the education compulsorily from the age of six to the age of fifteen.

6- The issuing of the decision of the Ministry of Interior with the prevention of summoning the illiterate workers and limitate summoning on the ones who have the knowledge of reading and writing.

For the achievement of those policies and the strategies that the country seek their execution in the field of adult education and the eradication of illiteracy, the Ministry of Education has taken several measures as the following:


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