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Progress Achieved towards

Illiteracy Eradication (1997-2007)

A- The provision of education in the main stage: Where the Ministry of Education expanded in opening the primary education schools. Education became available to each child and the country spent much money on education with generosity. It did not stop at opening schools but exceeded it to the motivation of students for the study then provided the free transport and spent the remunerative rewards that encourage the continuation of the study.

B/ Provision of education for the adults and eradication of illiteracy all over

the Kingdom :. The two general administrations of illiteracy eradication

carry out a yearly survey by

education administrations to the assembly places of illiterates opening centers for them according to the regulations and rules.





the and

C/ Giving promotive rewards for the illiterates and the illiteracies for joining

education: The ministry of finance approves yearly what comes to (190) one million Riyals for the programs of eradication of illiteracy and adult education, part of it is given as rewards for the illiterate that completed eradication of illiteracy program as one thousand Riyals for non- employees and five hundred Riyals for the employees.

D/ Finding the various programs that match the illiterates needs: The Ministry of Education seeks finding various programs that match needs, abilities capabilities the achievement of ambitions and gives them chance for joining these programs that is distinguished by the flexibility and the ability to reach the illiterates in the place of their presence.

E/ Setting up enlightening campaigns to eradicate illiteracy: It is directed to a group of the society that lives in the deserts and remote places where their lives are unstable. Educational, religious, cultural, social and healthy programs are offered to them to raise their standards of living in all fields.

F/ Raising the qualification level of teachers and the teachers in the field of

eradication of illiteracy and adult education: And that through the cooperation with the universities by opening departments for the adult education or finding compulsory hours of study in the faculty of Education in the field of adult education.

G/ Training of all of teachers in the field of eradication of illiteracy and adult

education: raising their efficiency, their abilities and providing them with skills, knowledge and ways needed in the field of education and eradication of illiteracy through the activation meetings that are held to the new teachers at the beginning of every term.

H/ To benefit from the results of the continuous reformation to the eradication of illiteracy programs. And the adult education in treating of disadvantages and enhancing the positive points to achieve the needed targets.


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