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Progress Achieved towards

Illiteracy Eradication (1997-2007)

Studies And Research In The Field Of Illiteracy Eradication And Adult Education:

The studies and research work in the Ministry Of Education occupies a higher rank and greater importance in the Ministry Of Education in recognition of its critical impact on The quality of efforts and the improvement in performance and work development. Therefore the Directorate General For Illiteracy Programs has undertaken a number of studies in the fields of adult education and ill era with the view of increasing the efficiency of in the field of adult education. Every year the services of a team of consultants from the university and from the education experts in the ministry is enlisted to conduct an annual research study in the fields of adult education. Moreover the Directorate General Of Educational Research conduct other types of funded researches to study and evaluate the adult education and ill era programs. Of these studies we mention the following:

A- The Status Of Illiteracy Era & Adult Education Centers In Riyadh City (1998):

This is a field study conducted on fourteen centers in Riyadh city. The study addressed the students absenteeism rate, the school buildings, the enrollment in the literacy centers, the periods of absenteeism and tardiness, the reasons of absence and drop out and the difficulties faced by the students , teachers and supervisors. The objective of the study is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of these centers and to encourage the students and solve the problems and to address any negative aspects and phenomena . B- The Proposal Of Establishing Saudi Society For Adult Education (1999): The question of this study is whether such a society is needed? And what is the plan for it ? the study emphasized the need for the society of adult education to be set up in collaboration with the private sector to supervise the adult education programs and to contribute to its funding and to constitute a channel of communication with the society and to set up the structure of the society and depict the main functions and the expected sources of finance. C- The Professionalism In Technical Education Project (1999): The objective of this study is to strike a balance between alphabetical illiteracy and the acquisition of a new craft or profession. The study embraced the idea of the philosophical


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