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Progress Achieved towards

Illiteracy Eradication (1997-2007)


The government exerts great efforts in the education field and spread it in all the countries of the kingdom and doing there best to facilitation and (make it available) ,make it obtainable and easy to join it without the disregard of the importance of the quantitative development and the qualitative development to the level of the offered education .

And the Eradication of illiteracy program was not away from those cares but occupied a special position that the social, developmental and economic circumstances imposed to establish an administration responsible for the Eradication of illiteracy and the adult education under the name of the administration of the popular culture in the year 1374 H proof on that care.

Then the succession of organizations and the legislations that confirm the importance of this program as being a right from the citizen rights and a duty the country abided by it, then the system of Eradication of illiteracy and adult education and the education policy document came then the basic system for the rule and other from the legislations besides the commitments and the international advertisements so that they confirm this program and its role in building the human capable of the response of its needs and the needs of its homeland.

And the legislations did not confirm citizen's rights in education but it make it national duty as dictated item thirteen in the system of Eradication of illiteracy (the work for eradicate illiteracy between citizens is duty to every citizen according to his ability and the illiterate must eradication the illiteracy in a limit available way) .

And as a result therefore the top site that the Eradication of illiteracy represents and activation of those legislations represents, it has expanded in creation of the Eradication of illiteracy centers and the insistence of programs that suits the illiterate , provided suitable course of studies and provided incentive encouragement for them, and spent generously on this kind of the education the total what the ministry spends on the Eradication of illiteracy programs is estimated at 190 million rials yearly .

And as a result to the true and faithful efforts the illiteracy ratio contracted to 7 % between males and 19.8 % between the females and a total ratio was 13.4 % during this year 1429 H ,Those efforts and the successes were not absent from the international and regional organizations then the kingdom Became an example it is followed in this field and won five international prizes in the Eradication of illiteracy field an estimation of those successes and driving the rest of the countries for the intensification of efforts and the acceleration of working in the Eradication of illiteracy field .

And the public administration of the Eradication of illiteracy programs will be happy to present in this short paper a definition of the most prominent policies organizing working in the Eradication of illiteracy programs and short summary about the existing programs, as will present a short presentation through the computer that includes the view of administration and the anticipation of the future of the Eradication of illiteracy programs according to a coordination and an integration continuous with the girls sector to reach the desired targets.


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