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Progress Achieved towards

Illiteracy Eradication (1997-2007)

K- Factors Attracting The Illiterates To Enroll In The Adult Education Centers (2002) : In view of the sufferings of the Ministry Of Education from the disinterest of the illiterates in enrolling in the ill era programs, the Directorate General Of Ill Era Programs, through the national committees , has conducted study on the factors that contribute to the attraction of the illiterates to enroll in the ill era centers by tackling the problem and studying the reasons behind this phenomenon. The study objectives had been defined by understanding the real status of illiterates and the mechanism of attracting them through stimulating the motives of attraction represented by the religious, social, economic and cultural motives as well as understanding the negative stimuli represented in the social and personal factors L- Determining The Percentage Of The Illiterates By Age Groups (2002): In view of the great importance of statistics which represents the precise data and constitutes the basis for planning and performance evaluation, this has been listed with the other important studies for national families review and decision making. In this study the official statistics had been presented and analyzed in accordance with various classifications of which we mentioned the most salient: age – the percentage of illiterates based on 1413 A.H population statistics – the percentage of male illiterates - the percentage of illiterates based on 1420 A.H (1999) population statistics – determining the age group for calculating the percentages and comparing these percentages with the previous ones as well as developing graphs and charts for the Saudi and non-Saudi illiterates in the kingdom. M- Logging Adult And Continuous Education Programs (2003): In view of the fact that adult and continuous education programs are organized by several agencies and sectors and in order to log these programs , its types and the beneficiaries, this topic has been presented to the national families for study and research. The study has defined the objectives of logging these programs as well as determining the implementation aspects of the project . a questionnaire ha been developed for this purpose. N- Examples Of Adult Education Systems (2003): In interest for developing performance in adult education through acquaintance with the modern systems, a number of systems in some of the advanced and Arab countries had been studied. These included: United Arab Emirates- Bahrain – Oman Sultanate – Kuwait – Egypt – Morocco – Jordan – Japan – United state


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