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Progress Achieved towards

Illiteracy Eradication (1997-2007)


A Study On Post Ill Era Strategy In Saudi Arabia (2005) In view of the information explosion witnessed in our present world as well as the scientific discoveries, technological advancement and economic growth, adult education is no longer considered a second chance or a diminishing program. On the contrary, it is now considered a first step in a framework of a continuous and lifelong education. Keeping the literate from recourse back to illiteracy and pushing them forward in the educational process has become the greatest issue in this respect. Therefore the objective of this study is to predict the state of affairs in the post literacy era in Saudi Arabia and to reveal the achievements and obstacles encountered in this field. Also the objectives of the study were:





to get acquainted with the status quo of the ill era program in Saudi Arabia, its achievements and the obstacles confronted by the program to understand the attitudes of the trainees in ill era programs towards continuing their future education to understand the ways and means of keeping literate as literate so that they do not recourse to illiteracy status once again. to understand the available opportunities for continuing the education of the literates in a framework of a continuous and lifelong education.

The study reached the conclusion that the development plans in Saudi Arabia is in need for an effective and interactive labor force that is responsive to the demands of the modern age and the labor market requirements, and the provision of new job descriptions and new skills in shorter terms. Of course, such demands entails a continuous education for the adults, whatever their educational level, so that they can gain the required skills.


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