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Progress Achieved towards

Illiteracy Eradication (1997-2007)

(MCI), a number of bodies in the security sectors, and other parties in the government and private sectors.

(5/9) IFP for Shaqra Province:

This project aimed at declaring Shaqra state an illiteracy-free place; a place, which was exceptionally elected as a typical model due to a small number of illiteracy cases among females, in such a small geographical area. Worth mention, since 2005/2006, the experiment had passed two main phases: preparation, and execution. After all, the total number of illiteracy cases detected among females was 622 women, 500 of which, so far, had become literate.

(5/10) Enlightenment Campaign and Illiteracy Eradication:

Enlightenment campaign is one means of illiteracy eradication that MOE has been applying within “IFS” project. It is simply one kind of many cultural illiteracy eradication devices, aiming in particular at instable inhabitants and traveling Bedouins, who used to individually live in mountains and valleys, and thus, constant educational services cannot be offered to. With such situation, many specific short-time tutorial and enlightenment programs in health, religion, society, culture, and environment, were offered, in which the majority of government and private sectors contribute. Besides, material and in specie incentives were offered to them for the sake of improving their standards of living, and motivating them to keep up with the program classes.

Over of a million Dollars has been annually confirmed granted to such programs. In addition to MOE, other sectors have been offering prominent involvement all through applying some supporting programs, on top of the list comes the Ministry of Islamic Affairs (MIA), the Ministry of Social Affairs (MSA), the Ministry of Agriculture (MA), and the Ministry of Health (MH), in addition to the assistance of charitable associations and civilian community foundations.

Along with such campaign goals, a variety of other duties concerning important aspects of everyday life were rendered to the subjects as follows:

(5/10/1) Education Services:

Tutors and tutoresses involved in the campaign were assigned to give lessons in religion, reading/writing skills, and arithmetic to increase the subjects’ information, and to improve their abilities according to permanent evaluation criteria.


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