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Progress Achieved towards

Illiteracy Eradication (1997-2007)

(5/10/2) Enlightenment Service:

The campaign comprised a number of lectures and enlightenment seminars dealing with critical issues like: confining daughters from getting married, dowry extravagance, common mistakes in prayer, how to perform dry ablution (Tayammum) via clean dust, rules of wiping stocks and shoes, harms of drugs and smoking, neighbor rights, witchcraft, kids raising, and public rights and duties as well.

(5/10/3) Healthcare and Remedial Service:

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    Remedial services:

Each campaign work team contained a physician and a nurse, from both genders, who were operated in dual-shift, and supplied with all medical requirements and medications.

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    Precautionary services:

Health awareness and preservation of eating, drinking, and wearing habits is focused on, by way of lectures, seminars, movie shows, and a bit of applied drills in first aid for some common accidents, such as bone breaks, scorpions’ and snakes’ bites, and sunstrokes.

(5/10/4) Veterinary Service:

A plan was made for scheduled visits by veterinarians to examine livestock in their pastures in the open, and to immunize healthy animals, or treat sick ones. Further, livestock breeders were offered guidance to the right techniques and approaches of breeding cattle, enhancing their production, and the way to protect them from contagious diseases. They were offered, too, a good deal of knowledge about infectious diseases that transfer from animal to human body.

(5/10/5) Social Service:

The administrative team in the campaign surveyed the entire area, and determined the number of poor families and disabled persons who are in need. Then, nearby charitable associations were contacted for supporting the campaign. On the other hand, social supervisors were assigned by MIA to investigate the conditions of those destitute families and recommend urgent help as needed.


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