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Progress Achieved towards

Illiteracy Eradication (1997-2007)

(5/10/6) Grant-in-aid Service:

Material and in specie grants were offered to the subjects in need, provided by government sectors, civil society foundations, and charitable associations.

(5/11) Literate Quarter Project (LQ):

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    Defining the project:

Literate quarter (LQ) is a program that deals with cultural illiteracy eradication in an innovative manner, since illiteracy eradication is not restricted to teaching the alphabet; rather, it governs all other means for living. LQ brilliantly aims at particular quarters in a certain city, which witnesses high ratios of illiteracy amongst individuals. This program, in addition, is interested in females’ illiteracy eradication alphabetically and culturally, along with having them acquire scientific proficiencies, which hopefully would motivate them towards fruitful work attractively in such a way that would raise their awareness of their problems and needs, in order to successfully deal with life care. Another advantage of this program is that it makes possible the objectives of the government five-years-course plan, the eighth, through the expansion of the current illiteracy eradication domains, and make use of the flexible system models available, by evolutional formulae that would go along with illiteracy eradication needs and circumstances.

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    Program Features:

LQ is launched in a quarter characterized by low living, environmental, and social etiquette standards. 2- LQ is interested in enlightenment and illiteracy eradication activities. It includes lessons about secretariat, computer, speaking in English, artistic and technical skills, first aid, trainees’ thinking skills improvement, and other programs as such. 1-

3- LQ comprises female trainees from different learning stages: illiterate and variously qualified ones.

4- LQ is held only at centers where enough facilities are secured.

5- Case studies of the socio-economical aspect of the trainees lives are made to detect their needs and transfer them to those in charge.

6- Throughout the above-mentioned activities, female trainees are eventually qualified to get involved in labor market, through coordinative efforts with the supporting sides.

7- LQ program encourages volunteering work spirit among individuals in the community.


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