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Progress Achieved towards

Illiteracy Eradication (1997-2007)

4- Enumeration of female candidates, who applied for working at those houses, according to contracting standards guide table from outside career cadre.

5- A female committee, composed of IEP educational supervisors, and a supervisor from girls’ Qur’an memorization houses, for the purpose of carrying out candidates’ interviews.

6- Submission of IEQH hired female instructors name list, together with a paper copy of the program to head manager of instructional programs at the main Qur’an memorization charitable association.

7- Habilitation of nominees for working at Girls’ Qur’an memorization houses by acquainting them with their missions and responsibilities, and how to deal best with old women.

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    Program execution procedures:

1- IEQH female nominees are directly sent to start duty at girls’ Qur’an memorization houses by IEP head director, on the basis of an official letter addressed to the house principal.

2- House principals are supplied with the IEQH program course plan, in addition to other supervising materials.


Depending on the number of students, textbooks, classroom environment requisites, and instructional aid are all provided for each house by IEP directorate in the region.

4- Enlightenment of IEQH program is performed via mass media to encourage illiterate women join its classes.

5. Field visitations to girls’ Qur’an memorization houses are intensively made by the female supervisors, who were officially devoted to eradicate illiteracy, for better teachers’ and students’ follow-up, and for better activation of IEQH program to attract the largest number of illiterate women, and create up some contact.

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    Classroom visits to IEQH instructor are occasionally made by an educational supervisor, to provide her with directions and guidance, or perhaps, enrolling her in further training programs. More, the supervisor prepares an evaluation form for each instructor, cooperatively with the house principal.

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    A final report about IEQH program output is submitted to the IEP general department. 5335 illiterate women had benefited from this program in the year 2007.

(5/15) Illiteracy Eradication Program at Redemption Houses (IEPRH):


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