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Progress Achieved towards

Illiteracy Eradication (1997-2007)

Through the use of intensive educational and vocational programs, the above mentioned objectives and policies are attained in the best way, hence, female subjects become qualified enough to positively engage again in their families as well as in their surrounding society. Depending on the extent of the need in each region, the programs list include:

    • 1.

      Family healthcare program.

    • 2.

      First aid program.

    • 3.

      Use and reproduction of clothes-remaining program.

    • 4.

      Use of junk and raw or manufactured materials program.

    • 5.

      Creative arrangements of dry or artificial flowers.

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    Program Location:

The programs are applied during the academic year at both old women IE centers and at Qur’an Memorization schools. Furthermore, General Education schools are utilized particularly on summer vacation period.

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    Execution Period Assigned:

These programs are applied all year long, in the morning or in the evening, depending on schools’ conditions, whenever enough trainees exist.

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    Program Female Executants:

According to IE payment article, qualified female instructors, who had been involved in such programs, weather they are from out career cadre or not, are successively hired for work. Other female instructors from in career cadre, who are assigned to regular morning duty, are rewarded off-duty payments.

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    Execution Time Long:

Depending on the nature of each program, the execution time long varies, on condition that it does not last beyond a minimum of 1 week, and a maximum of 4 weeks long.

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    Certificate Awarded:

OWVP certificate is awarded to the trainee only if she attended 80% of the total program course hours. The trainee is officially informed about her absence only in case she exceeds 10% of the total program course hours. 2089 female trainees had profited from such programs in the year 2006/2007.


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