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Illiteracy Eradication (1997-2007)

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

1/1) the Site and the Borders

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia located in the Arabian Peninsula, bounded in the north by Iraq Jordan and Kuwait, and from the east the United Arab Emirates Qatar The Kingdom of Bahrain and the Arab Gulf, and Amman borders it from the southeast, and Yemen from the south, and the Red Sea from the West and there is the holiest places , the Holy Mosque in Mecca and the Prophet's Mosque in Al Medina Al Monawara ,So it's called the two Holy Mosques land and the Saudi King named him self as the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques because of the position and importance of those places .

Arabian Peninsula have strategic site between three biggest continents and it falls in the northern half to the globe and it has been a homeland of many of the civilizations and a cradle of the heavenly messages and the messengers, and the Islamic studies spread in the Arabian Peninsula heart after that it spread in parts of the world and it reached Africa Asia and part of Europe on in the flourishing extent in Islamic state ages, and the Muslims carried out their historic cultural role that crossed on it the new human civilization from its dark ages.

1/2) the Geographical Lineaments

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia occupied (four) fifths of Arabian Peninsula more than 2.250 .000 kilos of square meter and the kingdom have various gazetteer due to the wide area ,along the Red Sea Tihama's coastal plain and mountains chain of AlSrouat that range rise to the east of this plain between 9000 feet in the south and the rise decreases gradually whenever they headed north until it will reached 3000 feet, the big valleys descend from it heads east and west like Gazan valley, Najran valley and Tathleeth Valley, reshah valley alheemed valley and El Ramma valley Ynba valley and Fatma valley, and from the east of this series is Najd hill and its heights that reach east the dunes of Al Dahna and Al Sman desert and south of it Wadi Al-Dawaser and is parallel to Rub' Al Khali desert , and from the north that Najd plains extend to Hail Area until it will linked in the biggest Nefud Desert then by the borders of Iraq and Jordan, and there are some high mountains like Tweq's mountains and Alaredh and Waja and Salma, as for Rub' Al Khali desert it represents the eastern southern part of the kingdom and it's a desert region consists of sand dunes and (salt) marsh, as for the eastern coastal plain that consists of (salt) marsh and sand

regions. 1/3) the Climate

The kingdom climate differs from a region to another for the difference of its topography, and in general the kingdom's climate is continental , hot in summer cold in winter and the rain fall in winter and the climate is moderate on the southwest and southern heights , as for the middle regions its summer is hot and dry and its winter is cold and dry and on the coasts the temperature is so high and the humidity goes up too and the rains fall in winter and spring but it's scarce rains on most kingdom regions except the western southern heights from the kingdom ,it's rain in summer seasonally and more an abundance from the rest of the regions, as for the humidity, it rises up on the coasts and the western heights in most days of the year and decreases whenever we headed to

the inside .


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