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Progress Achieved towards

Illiteracy Eradication (1997-2007)

1/4) the Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

the education systems roots in the kingdom extend in the Islamic history since the inspiration descended upon the messenger of Allah peace be upon him, and the activities of education focused in the past in the mosques then the religious schools or the education's houses that tech reading and the writing and the holy quran reading, and the education just before the start of the regular education in the kingdom has witnessed three stages that consists as follows:

An inherited traditional education consists in the religious schools traditional education that inherited consists in the religious schools and seminars in the mosques and the scientist's places all over the country.

A governmental education we can call it a regular education in Mecca and Al Medina Al Monawara a traditional education in its essence but it tries to renew by entering some of the new sciences in its curricula and you will find this kind of education in some special modern private

schools and it will be obtainable more in the eastern and western regions from the kingdom.

1/5) the Stage of the Beginning and Establishing

The real beginning for the regular education in the kingdom was in 1925 AD when the department of the general knowledge's was founded where the educational progress that included the education stages and its kinds started because King Abdul Aziz believed that the development does not take place without the education, and in year 1927 AD the establishment of the Education council took place cooperated with the department of the general knowledge's putting the first educational system for the countries to change the old education system who depending on the religious schools and non complete schools of Turks and Hashemite , and in year 1926 AD the opening of the Saudi scientific institute and the expeditions preparation school took place in 1936 AD and the Dar altawheed in 1945 AD as the department issued a lot of the educational systems, and in year 1950 AD the general administration of the scientific institutes was founded , and the number of the schools that opened in King Abdul Aziz's time have reached 312 government primary schools and 14 private primary schools 11 government secondary schools 4 private secondary schools and a single vocational school and eight institutes for the preparation of teachers And college to be teachers and faculty for sharia and six schools for the education of English language and a single evening school for the education of typewriter ,and it is noticed that the dominant feature to this stage is the establishment of the education institution identity and defining

its policy landmarks .

1/6) the Stage of Growth and Diffusion

In year 1953 AD the knowledge's department turned to the Ministry of Education, and in this stage a huge campaign started for the expansion in opening schools and institutes with different its categories and its kinds as the ministry budget remained increasing and expands until it became the most important Ministries of kingdom because it has big issues and their more an achievement, and in this stage also the establishment of the general presidency education for girls took place in 1960 AD then the Ministry of Higher Education (university education) followed it in year 1975 AD and finally the general corporation for the technical education and the vocational training in year 1980 AD, and this stage it was distinguished by the horizontal growth to all the education kinds and on both its general and higher education ,and it was distinguished by the presence of specific targets has been planed by the national development that was coincided with

the second part from this stage.


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