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Progress Achieved towards

Illiteracy Eradication (1997-2007)

1/7) the Stage of District of the Wide Diffusion and the Diversity of Sources

In this stage some of the ministries and government administrations and private administrations too started to contribute to the supervision in some education kinds like the Ministries of Defense and air force, and the Interior Ministry, the Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Ministry of municipal and rural affairs ,and the National Guard, and the Ministry telegraph, the post and the telephone and the Foreign Ministry and all they move according to the educational policy that the highest committee draws for the education in the kingdom , and this stage has been distinguished by the ramification of the horizontal expansion and the vertical by opening of schools and institutes and the faculties and the universities specialties in all of the branches and in most kingdom regions and on a several axis that includes the public education, the higher education ,and the technical education and the vocational training , and it has resulted from this expansion and in this way the need for the establishment of reference combined to these different authorities then they established a lot of the organizational councils took place like the labor forces council and the higher Education Council and committee to the education policy.

1/8) the Stage of Review and Development

After issuing the basic system for the rule in year 1992 AD and after the government pursued to review of all activities and the tasks of the government authorities, the government issued to all the Ministries of kingdom, and specially the one who concerned the educating for creating the necessary changes so that it agrees with the system goals, and those instructions has a positive effect on the accurate level in the curricula and the general philosophy of the education of individual ,and on the general level in the functional performance of the teacher and the educational institution , and this has coincided with the international orientation for the globalization and the information revolution and all that make them reconsideration in the way of the dealing with student's gaining for the knowledge and the benefit way for it and try to discrimination between the suitable to the Arab and Islamic values and what it does not suit , And this stage has been distinguished by the formation of development institutions specialized in the development and continuous evaluation , in addition to the establishment of specialized units by them for the development the follow-up and the modification of the formation on the regulations and the educational systems through the coordination with the concerned authorities , and this stage has been distinguished also by the presence needs for the review of plans for the education from the perspective of the dire need for the development of the performance of the current

education institutions for the compatibility between the system's education training in the kingdom and the development requirements to a trained labor Saudi labor market .

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1/9) the Efforts and the Developmental Plans for the Kingdom in Education Field

the beginning of 1970 The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia government decided the allocation of financial credits for the development of the natural, human and economic sources within the field five year plans of the social and economic development, which led to the acceleration of the growth of the different sectors to the national economy, the Saudi economy became diversity significantly in the economic base and the income sources, And the infrastructure and the educational


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