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own and you find these Viper, Viper 2, or UDB terms; they're basically talking about the same product, which is DB2

Slide 5: Agenda (2) Moving on to the next sectionin this section about this lecture series we will try to explain a bit more detail about these e-learning courses.

Slide 6: About this lecture series The purpose of this lecture series or e-learning courses is just to get you started with DB2, either as a DBA or as a developer; it will not make you an expert on DB2 but it will give you a solid background, and with this solid background on DB2 you can basically find the answer yourself whenever you find a problem. The assumptions are that: (i) you don't know anything about DB2, and (ii) that you have some basic knowledge of SQL and XML. If you don't know anything about XML, don't worry about it because we provide, as well, some basic information on XML later on.

So in this lecture series you will be able to try the product with hands-on exercises, which we call Quicklabs. This is, as mentioned before, not in-depth DB2 education, it is not in-depth development application, and just for your information, even though we're using DB2 Express-C, which is the free version of DB2, we're also explaining some features that are not available with DB2 Express-C, but with other editions of DB2. We provide them just for awareness purposes because sometimes people say can DB2 do this, can DB2 do that, and the answer most of the time is yes,” but it's not provided in this particular edition of DB2 Express-C, of DB2, which is DB2 Express-C.

Slide 7: The DB2 on Campus lecture series A little bit more detail about the different speeches and the different lessons that you will learn as part of the DB2 on Campus lecture series. First you have free speeches about the DB2 on Campus program.

Slide 8: The DB2 on Campus lecture series (1-10) And then you have 10 lessons for database administration, we will cover them one by one.

Slide 9: The DB2 on Campus lecture series (11-17) And then another six lessons on application development, and one lesson on troubleshooting. So I would recommend that you listen to these lessons one after the other.

Slide 10: Agenda (3) Moving on to the next section, we'll talk here about DB2 certification. This is for people who, let's say, finish the e-learning courses and want to get certified on DB2 to gain more

recognition in the industry.

Slide 11: DB2 9 Certification Path

So if you want to get certified on DB2, there is ... normally, we provide certification on DB2 9, so we don't provide certification on 9.5, or 9.?, whatever is the next release of DB2 9. The same thing with DB2 version 8, we provided certification on DB2 version 8, we didn't provide certification on DB2 version 8.2, for example. So if you want to get certified on DB2 version 9, everybody has to write one exam, which is exam 730. It's a DB2 9 fundamentals exam, and once you pass that exam, you will be certified as an IBM Certified Database Associate; that's basic certification on DB2, and after you get that certification, if you still


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