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want to get further certifications within DB2, you can follow this path if you want to become a DBA certified person for Linux, UNIX and Windows. If you want to become a DBA certified person on DBA for the mainframe for z/OS, you can follow this path, and if you want to be certified as a developer for DB2 on Linux, UNIX, and Windows, or z/OS, you can follow this other path.

Slide 12: IBM DB2 Certification FREE Now there is good news for 2008. Starting in Feb of 2008, thanks to the Academic Initiative: the exam 730 (which is “DB2 9 Fundamentals”), is being provided for free as part of a program called DB2 Elite for Academics. The other advantage of participating in this program besides getting the certification exam for free is that students can post their resume in the IBM Academic Initiative Student Opportunity System, or SOS, which is a system where Students and Business Partners of IBM can interact. Business Partners will be able to see the resumes (CVs) of the students and maybe contact the students if they find their resume interesting. In addition, as part of the DB2 Elite for Academics Program, you are provided as well, with preparation and study materials to basically improve the chances of passing the exam, DB2 9 Fundamentals, Exam 730.

Slide 13: IBM Cert. DB Associate - DB2 9 Fund. This slide provides more information about the DB2 9 Fundamentals Exam, Exam 730.

Slide 14: Agenda (4) And now we move to the next section, which is DB2 Books and other Resources.

Slide15: Resources: For DB2 Fund. Cert. So I recommend the "DB2 9 Fundamentals Certification Study Guide", if you are serious about preparing for the DB2 9 Fundamentals exam.

Slide 16: Resources: For DB2 cert & ref This other book, "Understanding DB2 Learning Visually with Examples", it's a good book if you are preparing for either for the DB2 9 Fundamentals exam or for the DBA certification; and it's also good as a reference.

Slide 17: Resources: For DB2 server side dev Finally, this other book, called "DB2 SQL PL Essential Guide for Linux, UNIX, and Windows, i5/OS and z/OS" is a good book if you want to know more about coding for stored procedures and user-defined functions in DB2. Even though this book was created for DB2 Version 8.2, it's still very useful for version 9.

Slide 18: Resources (continued) Here are more resources. The first web site is the DB2 Express-C home page, where you can download most of the software for free, where everything on that web site has software that can be downloaded for free. Then you have the 2nd link, which is for developerWorks. developerWorks provides technical articles and tutorials for free, and it normally refreshes this information every two weeks, every Thursday. The next few links provide online manuals for DB2 either version 9 or version 9.5, and then you have some more information on the next few links for different online editions of DB2 and for DB2 application development.


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