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Slide 19: Resources (continued) You can also get db2 technical support when you buy the DB2 Express-C one year term subscription license, which will be explained in more detail in Lesson 1, but will also be discussed in one of the speeches as part of these e-learning courses. You will not be able to get technical support if you get just the DB2 Express-C using the unwarranted license. And, also, if you want to ask questions on the forum, we have the DB2 Express-C forum, which is supported; or you can get community assistance. It's all free, and you can access that forum by clicking this button here, at the bottom of this slide, and you can gain access to this by going to the main DB2 Express-C home page.

Slide 20: Resources (continued) We also have IBM Red Books, which are free books, written by experts in the industry, or IBMers, and there is also a free SQL book, there's a magazine as well, a DB2 magazine with the latest information on DB2 technology, and you can also join the International DB2 User's Group (IDUG), which also organizes conferences and also provides some other interesting material.

Slide 21: agenda (5) Finally, we move on to the contact section.

Slide 22: Contacts So if you need to send me an email, you can send it to db2univ@ca.ibm.com if you need to get more information or if you would like to see more videos on DB2, you can check out the channelDB2 web site. You can also look at blogs at planetdb2.com, and I invite you to join facebook.com. I have created the DB2 on Campus group on facebook.com and have explained how to join facebook.com in the first speech of these e-learning courses.

Slide 23: Thank you! So with this, I thank you very much for listening to this lesson, and as to what is next, I suggest that you start with Lesson #1 of the DB2 on Campus lecture series, which is “Installation and the DB2 Editions.Thank you.


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