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A Priest’s Life

become a priest. I told no one about what the Lord was saying to me, which made even more remarkable what soon happened after: At this point of indecision, many parishioners approached me before, during, and after Mass and told me, “You should think about the priesthood; you’d make a good priest.” I was stunned.

Within a matter of weeks, it was not simply a handful of my fellow parishioners saying this to me, but dozens, and the num- ber grew with each passing week. They never pushed or shoved; they simply commented. But even with such affirmations, I still was unsure. I knew that I was not worthy of so great a calling, but who of us is?

A Flashing Light

At one point I decided that I wanted to teach history and yet, as is often the case with God, the desire for the priesthood never left me. It was like a light flashing in the back of my mind, blink- ing in an irritating way, as if to say, “Hey, look at me!” And so I did. I looked closer at and prayed about the priesthood, and came to the conclusion that this is God’s call for me: to be a priest. The priesthood simply seemed as though it would fit my personality and my desires, and I somehow knew that only as a priest would I ever find joy, contentment, fulfillment, and peace.

After I made this decision, the thought of teaching history no longer appealed to me. (Now, as a priest, I teach Church history in our parish high school.) Meanwhile, signs of God’s call became more and more apparent. I grew more in love with helping at the parish and in the TEC community, and this continued through my college years as I devoted most of my time to campus ministry


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