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Students should familiarise themselves with the University's policies and statutes, particularly those regarding assessment and course of study requirements, and formal academic grievance procedures contained in the statutes in the VUW website.

The University Statute on Student Conduct and Policy on Staff Conduct The Statute on Student Conduct together with the Policy on Staff Conduct ensure that members of the University community are able to work, learn, study and participate in the academic and social aspects of the University's life in an atmosphere of safety and respect. The Statute on Student Conduct contains information on what conduct is prohibited and what steps can be taken if there is a complaint. For queries about complaint procedures under the Statute on Student Conduct, contact the Facilitator and Disputes Advisor. This Statute is available in the Faculty Student Administration Office or on the website at: www.vuw.ac.nz/policy/StudentConduct The policy on Staff Conduct can be found on the VUW website at: www.vuw.ac.nz/policy/StaffConduct

Taping of lectures If you want to audio-tape record seminars you must ask permission of the course coordinator. If permission is granted, you will need to complete a disclaimer form, which advises of copyright and other relevant issues.

Academic Grievances If you have any academic problems with your paper you should talk to the tutor or lecturer concerned or, you are not satisfied with the result of that meeting, see the Programme Director (Roger Blackley, tel: 463 5802), Head of School (Associate Professor Jenny Harper, tel: 463 5801) or the Associate Dean, Students (Allison Kirkman). Class representatives are available to assist you with this process. If, after trying the above channels, you are still unsatisfied, formal grievance procedures can be invoked. These are set out in the Academic Grievances Statute which is published on the VUW website: www.vuw.ac.nz/policy/AcademicGrievances

Plagiarism Victoria University defines plagiarism as the copying of ideas, organisation, wording or anything else from another source without appropriate reference or acknowledgement so that it appears to be one’s own work. This includes published and unpublished work, the Internet and the work of other students and staff. Plagiarism is an example of misconduct in the Statute of Student Conduct. Students who have plagiarised are subject to a range of penalties under the Statute. See the website: www.vuw.ac.nz/policy/StudentConduct (See page 11 for Art History’s plagiarism policy).

Reasonable Accommodation Policy The University has a policy of reasonable accommodation of the needs of students with disabilities. The policy aims to give students with disabilities an equal opportunity with all other students to demonstrate their abilities. If you have a disability, impairment or chronic medical condition (temporary, permanent or recurring) that may impact on your ability to participate, learn and/or achieve in lectures and tutorials or in meeting the course requirements,


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