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ARTH 402 is assessed by means of one seminar reading review (20%), one 4,000-word essay (40%), and a three-hour examination (40%). Note that only the written review of the seminar presentation will be assessed, although an oral presentation is required.

The essay is due on Friday, 8 October. The essay should be thought of as a major piece of writing providing an opportunity for you to canvas the literature on a given topic and to construct and sustain an argument.

Seminars involve a half- to one-hour presentation on one set of seminar readings for a particular session, leading discussion, and writing a critical review (2000 words) of the reading(s). (You may choose to focus on one or two readings in your written review). The review must be submitted within two weeks of your oral presentation. Seminar topics will be assigned in the first session of class. Seminar presentations are occasions for you to develop your critical reading skills and to demonstrate your ability to present an argument and lead discussion.

The exam will be held at the end of the year (date to be announced). You will be required to answer two questions. The examination is a further opportunity for you to demonstrate your critical and analytical grasp of topics covered throughout the course.

Course requirements: You are expected to come to all seminar sessions and you should notify the course co-ordinator if you cannot attend, (due to illness or other pressing reasons).

All coursework must be handed in by the due dates. The department has a policy that no extensions will be granted. If you have medical or other problems preventing you from meeting a deadline, you must contact your course co-ordinator at the earliest opportunity. Without arrangements having been agreed to, late essays will be penalised by the deduction of two percentage points for each day beyond the due date.

You must sit the end of year exam to pass the course. Aegrotat passes can only be considered on the provision of a medical certificate.

Marking: The course co-ordinator is responsible for marking assignments. You may request a second opinion of the assessment of any piece of written work, from another lecturer in Art History. An outside assessor will review coursework and the exam in order to ensure that academic standards at honours level are met.

Workload: The University recommends that approximately 12 hours per paper per week, inclusive of seminars, be given to a full-year, 4-paper graduate programme in order to maintain satisfactory progress.

Mandatory course requirements are defined in the University Calendar. You will have fulfilled the requirements of the course on completion of your essay, one oral seminar presentation and written review, and one end-of-year exam. If you are in any doubt about your ability to meet essay and seminar


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