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The decent into four lakes basin got me nervous a few times. I worried about my pack hitting the steep slope and knocking me off balance offering me the quick way down to the basin floor. Slowly but surely we made it to the bottom; but not before hearing Rick ask me how I got past a few gnarly places. I was relieved as we all reached the bottom safely. It was the only scary part of the journey.

One of the Born Lakes & Devils Staircase (lowest notch in the ridge)

The fishing was decent in Four Lakes Basin until we got blown off the mountain. I doubt these fish saw very many artificial flies. I only think a small fraction of the people that visit here ever venture into this remote basin. We knew that a storm could come at any time judging by the clouds that were rushing over the peaks. I knew from the forecast that we were getting northerly flows until Tuesday which meant colder weather. We decided to drop down in elevation to our camp on quiet lake a little earlier than planned. I wanted to avoid getting wet.

It blew all day and rained all night. We never did get to fish Quiet Lake which was one of the most promising lakes on the trip. It is deep and one of the biggest and least accessed lakes in the area and I know it has to hold some surprises. Not being able to fish the lake was one of my few regrets about the trip. The other was not having a better tent. It’s a good thing I had a rain jacket to keep the drips from landing on my forehead. Luckily for me the rest of the trip was warm and sunny.

Four Lakes Basin – the upper lake is at 10,000 feet


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