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Reviews of Leo Ruickbie's Work

Witchcraft Out of the Shadows has been favourably reviewed by Alan Richardson, expert on the

Magical Tradition, by Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.de, Blogcritics, and Epinions.com, in addition to having received many personal recommendations and words of praise from readers.

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From Alan Richardson, Author of over 10 Books on the Magical Tradition, its People and Practices

The title of Leo Ruickbie’s book ‘Witchcraft out of the Shadows’ is both a clever play on words and also the key to the whole thing. Shadows can make people seem bigger than they are; they can fill us with terror, or at least provide our imaginings with some apparent substance. Take the shadows away and the hero-demons can look very small and laughable. What Ruickbie has done, however, is use real scholarship to illuminate the murky beginnings of Witchcraft yet still leave us with that most precious gift of all...a sense of respect, tinged with wonder.

Modern witchcraft is an easy target. Any serious researcher into modern belief-systems does not have to use the heavy tools of religious archaeology to uncover the very thin and precarious foundations on which this one is based. Any amateur psychologist can lay bare the motives of the early founders, such as Gerald Gardner, Alex Sanders, Robert Cochrane, Sybil Leek etc etc riding together on Uncle Tom Cobley’s night-mare across the coven-haunted landscapes of modern British myth. But although Ruickbie sees right through the sham he still manages to lead us toward the sheer enchantment of what they did. All right, these post-War witches were making it up as they went along, claiming spurious origins in order to get acceptance, but what they did in respect to their Goddess is no more than St Paul did in respect to Jesus. And in so doing, they helped change the world. Green issues, sexual equality and freedom, belief in reincarnation, healing powers and the Return of the Goddess - were all championed by the modern witches long before their children and grandchildren accepted these as a matter of course.

‘Witchcraft out of the Shadows’ is an engaging book which deserves to be the benchmark for all future analyses of the Craft.

Alan Richardson, received 24th March, 2005.

From Epinions.com - Recommended

Readable, well-written, new information not found anywhere else and not a fluffy bunny in sight [...] Overall, the book is written in a serious and scholarly fashion. It's thoroughly referenced with a useful bibliography and a detailed index. Leo Ruickbie is an academic, but one who can talk to his readers whether they have an academic background or not. He's definitely a writer to watch.

Epinions.com, posted 5th January, 2005. http://www.epinions.com/content_168369098372

From Hearth of Arianrhod

I just got a new book that I had to recommend to everyone--I really think you'll love it! [...] would surely made a fine addition to anyone's Pagan Studies library.

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