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Reliability Concepts

(continued from page 6)

any phase of the bathtub curve. A β<1 models a failure rate that decreases with time, as in the infant mortality period. A β=1 models a constant failure rate, as in the normal life period. And a β>1 models an increasing failure rate, as during wear-out. There are several ways to view this distribution, including probability plots, survival plots and failure rate versus time plots. The bathtub curve is a failure rate vs. time plot. The Weibull distribution is given by Equation 6-1:

Equation 6-1: Weibull distribution equation.

Figure 6-2: Results of various βs on the Weibull analysis.

The results of various βs on the Weibull analysis can be seen in Figure 6-2. Notice how, if all curves are combined, the resultant graph is similar to a bathtub curve.

The EMPF not only uses Wiebull analysis routinely but also teaches the process as a part of our electronics manufacturing training. This distribution, for example, allows modeling to be done with a minimal amount of error. At the EMPF we engage our students with practical applications on how to utilize the various forms of reliability modeling.

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