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E. Chiller shall be designed and constructed to meet UL and UL of Canada requirements and have labels appropriately affixed.

F. Unit shall be manufactured in a facility registered to ISO 9001:2000 Manufacturing Quality Standard.

G. Each compressor assembly shall undergo a mechanical run-in test to verify vibration levels, oil pressures, and temperatures are within acceptable limits. Each compressor assembly shall be proof tested at a minimum 204 psig (1407 kPa) and leak tested at 185 psig (1276 kPa) with a tracer gas mixture.

H. Entire chiller assembly shall be proof tested at 204 psig (1407 kPa) and leak tested at 185 psig (1276 kPa) with a tracer gas mixture on the refrigerant side. The leak test shall not allow any leaks greater than 0.5 oz per year of refrigerant. The water side of each heat exchanger shall be hydrostatically tested at 1.3 times rated working pressure.

I. Prior to shipment, the chiller automated controls test shall be executed to check for proper wiring and ensure correct controls operation.

J. Chillers shall have factory-mounted, factory-wired and factory-tested unit-mounted variable frequency drive (VFD). Proper VFD operation shall be confirmed prior to shipment.


A. Unit shall be stored and handled in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

B. Unit shall be shipped with all refrigerant piping and control wiring factory-installed.

C. Unit shall be shipped charged with oil and full charge of refrigerant HFC-134a or a nitrogen holding charge as specified on the equipment schedule.

D. Unit shall be shipped with firmly attached labels that indicate name of manufacturer, chiller model number, chiller serial number, and refrigerant used.

E. If the unit is to be exported, the manufacturer shall provide sufficient protection against sea water corrosion, making the unit suitable for shipment in a standard open top ocean shipping container.

F. Chiller and starter shall be stored indoors, protected from construction dirt and moisture. Chiller shall be inspected under shipping tarps, bags, or crates to be sure water has not collected during transit. Protective shipping covers shall be kept in place until machine is ready for installation. The inside of the protective cover shall meet the following criteria:

1. Temperature is between 40 F (4.4 C) and 120 F (48.9 C)

2. Relative humidity is between 10% and 80% non-condensing.


Warranty shall include parts and labor for one year after start-up or 18 months from shipment, whichever occurs first. A refrigerant warranty shall be provided for a period of 5 years.

Part 2 — Products


A. General:

Factory-assembled, single piece, liquid chiller shall consist of compressor, motor, VFD, lubrication system, cooler, condenser, initial oil and refrigerant operating charges, microprocessor control system, and documentation required prior to start-up.

B. Compressor:

1. One variable speed, tri-rotor screw compressor of the high performance type.

2. Compressor and motor shall be hermetically sealed into a common assembly and arranged for easy field servicing.

3. The compressor motor shall be accessible for servicing without removing the compressor base from the chiller. Connections to the compressor casing shall use O-rings and gaskets to reduce the occurrence of refrigerant leakage. Connections to the compressor shall be flanged or bolted for easy disassembly.

4. Compressor bearings must have individual design life of 500,000 hours or greater.

5. Compressor shall provide capacity modulation from 100% to 15% capacity without the use of hot gas bypass or mechanical unloaders.

6. Compressor shall be provided with a factory-installed positive pressure lubrication system to deliver oil under pressure to bearings and rotors at all operating conditions. Lubrication system shall include:

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