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inputs. A thermistor test and transducer test shall display on the ICVC screen the actual reading of each transducer and each thermistor installed on the chiller. All out-of-range sensors shall be identified. Pressure transducers shall be serviceable without the need for refrigerant charge removal or isolation.

4. Multiple Chiller Control:

The chiller controls shall be supplied as standard with a two-chiller lead/lag and a third chiller standby system. The control system shall automatically start and stop a lag or second chiller on a two-chiller system. If one of the two chillers on line goes into a fault mode, the third standby chiller shall be automatically started. The two-chiller lead/lag system shall allow manual rotation of the lead chiller and a staggered restart of the chillers after a power failure. The lead/lag system shall include load balancing if configured to do so.

H. Electrical Requirements:

1. Electrical contractor shall supply and install main electrical power line, disconnect switches, circuit breakers, and electrical protection devices per local code requirements and as indicated necessary by the chiller manufacturer.

2. Electrical contractor shall wire the chilled water pump and flow, condenser water pump and flow, and tower fan control circuit to the chiller control circuit.

3. Electrical contractor shall supply and install electrical wiring and devices required to interface the chiller controls with the building control system if applicable.

4. Electrical power shall be supplied to the unit at the voltage, phase, and frequency listed in the equipment schedule.

I. Piping Requirements — Instrumentation and Safeties:

1. Mechanical contractor shall supply and install pressure gages in readily accessible locations in piping adjacent to the chiller such that they can be easily read from a standing position on the floor. Scale range shall be such that design values shall be indicated at approximately mid scale.

2. Gages shall be installed in the entering and leaving water lines of the cooler and condenser.

J. Vibration Isolation:

Chiller manufacturer shall furnish neoprene isolator pads for mounting equipment on a level concrete surface.

K. Start-Up:

1. The chiller manufacturer shall provide a factory-trained representative, employed by the chiller manufacturer, to perform the start-up procedures as outlined in the Start-Up, Operation and Maintenance manual provided by the chiller manufacturer.

2. Manufacturer shall supply the following literature:

a. Start-up, operation and maintenance instructions.

b. Installation instructions.

c. Field wiring diagrams.

d. One complete set of certified drawings.

L. Special Features:

1. Soleplate Package:

Unit manufacturer shall furnish a soleplate package consisting of soleplates, jacking screws, leveling pads, and neoprene pads.

2. Spring Isolators:

Spring isolators shall be field furnished and selected for the desired degree of isolation.

3. Spare Sensors with Leads:

Unit manufacturer shall furnish additional temperature sensors and leads.

4. Sound Insulation Kit:

Unit manufacturer shall furnish a sound insulation kit that covers the compressor housing, motor housing, compressor discharge pipe, suction line, evaporator, and economizer (if equipped).

5. Stand-Alone Pumpout Unit:

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